It is a miniature and array of traditional LED. Simply put, Micro LED is to weld all the microLED to the liquid crystal substrate. A schematic illustration of the configuration of a full-color Micro LED display pixel unit, which is only 130 microns long and 30 microns wide. Each Micro LED crystal, the smallest of which can be less than 30 nanometres in size — the current mini LED is 0.2mm — is built one at a time, then packaged and assembled into a display using an industrial robot, which picks them out one at a time and places them first on a smaller liquid crystal substrate.

Common-Cathode CC 4401AGG LED 4401AGG 0.40 inch Common-Anode CA 4401BGG 7-Segment 4401BGG Display

The excitation wavelength of the laser diode is between 460-470nm, so the excitation spectrum of phosphor is required to be between 460-470nm to obtain the highest optical conversion efficiency. Another is that the LED emission spectrum of the fluorescent material should match the emission spectrum of the blue diode to produce white light. It can be seen from the CIE coordinate diagram that the emission spectrum of the fluorescent material should be around 570nm. Based on the above requirements, high performance YAG: Ce yellow phosphors are generally used as photophors in current practical applications. YAG: Ce yellow phosphor absorbs part of blue light and emits yellow light when excited by blue light. Unabsorbed blue light combines with emitted yellow light to produce white light.

Common-Cathode CC 3911AH LED 3911AH 0.39 inch Common-Anode CA 3911BH 7-Segment 3911BH Display

This failure belongs to the defects in the manufacturing process of the chip itself, and has nothing to do with the packaging process. LED chip corrosion, When the surface of the LED chip is contaminated, a large leakage current is often introduced between the LED electrodes. This leakage current can generally be verified by environmental tests: there will be a decrease trend after baking, and the leakage current can be restored by hot flash test. Figure 2 shows that after thinning the transparent potting material on the surface of the LED sample, black residue is observed on the LED chip.

LED CL8021AH 7-Segment CL8021AH 0.80-inch CL8021BH Display CL8021BH

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