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Largest Locksmith Surrey

One of the largest locksmiths in Surrey is My Key Locksmith. We are the trusted name in residential as well as commercial locksmith services and home security. We always do our best to protect your family and possessions. We provide certified locksmiths with a wide range of security techniques and technologies to every homeowner so that they feel relaxed and ease of mind. Our security solutions to protect commercial assets is very advanced and of latest technology. We work closely with different types of industries, including commercial businesses, and much more. If you have a faulty door or outdated lock system, it can make easy for intruders to break in and take all your products stored which are very important and confidential. We’ll secure your business by providing high security lock from entering your facilities; restrict access to unauthorized visitors, secure documents.

Emergency locksmith
We are available for you for any emergency locksmith service such as home lockout, businesses lockout, vehicles lockout and door repair and it’s always our top priority. We understand that emergency response involves a fast locksmith service due to the stress that customers might experience.We try to get to site within 20 min or less. In most cases we will let you know everything involved before showing up to the scene, to ensure that there is no additional stress.

If you locked yourself out.
The best strategy is to have a reliable locksmith’s phone number in your phone’s memory, someone that you already know and trust. Don’t attempt to open the door by yourself, because in most cases the damage to the door or frame is more expensive to repair. We know how to open locks of any complexity, without damaging the door. In most cases we are able to pick the lock and make a key for the same lock, if needed.

Locked keys in the car?
Car lockouts are unfortunately very common. Some vehicles have security features that lock the car doors after a certain duration of inactivity time. First of all we recommend reading the vehicle’s manual and disabling the auto locking feature. Secondly, don’t panic, we see cases where one door was locked, but the other was open, but because the person went into a panic stage he couldn’t think straight and didn’t bother to check. In any case we can help quickly without any damage to your vehicle.

Our awesome vans are fully equipped to handle all locksmithing needs. New locks, knobs, lever sets, parts, door hardware, and key cutting equipment are just a short list. We can solve most problems quickly and efficiently on the same day. Our friendly technicians know everything about security and will come to you to inspect your home and provide an estimate. At MY Key, good advice is always for free.
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Cost effective Locksmith White Rock

Get cost effective locksmith service in White Rock from My Key Locksmith. Our locksmith is well trained in a large array of commercial security work. While each locksmith is equipped, well trained and capable of rekeying locks and installing them, we can also do more than this for your security. Our most experienced locksmiths will install high security locks, door hardware or even completely new doors and frames! Our teams work on the entire project to make sure that all components of your security system are properly working, installed, aligned and coordinated. Our business is all about the security of your home or business. It’s absolutely important to us, that when you assigned the task of protecting you and your assets, we take it seriously and implemented with a goal and a keen attention to detail. When it comes to excellent physical security, there is no place of error.

Residential Locksmith
Our vans are equipped to handle all your residential locksmith needs. We can service any location in the Lower Mainland BC and at any time.

Residential Locksmith services we provide are:
Lock rekey and replacement – Our rekey service is fast and affordable and we are on the road 24/7. If your key has been compromised we can quickly reset the lock to match a new key. Click for more information.
Mailbox and Cabinet locks delivery and Installation – If you lost your mailbox keys. We will come and change the lock for a minimal price. you will also receive two free keys and we can cut copies if more are needed. We can also repair your mailbox if it has been damaged. Click above for more information.
Keypad and Smart Locks delivery and Installation – We did the hard job and researched the market for you. We offer the best smart locks and best electronic locks on the market in terms of security, durability, ease of use and price. Press on Keypad and smart lock installation for more information.
Security Hardware and accessories – If you are looking to enhance the level of your home security we identify which security hardware would work best for you. Deadbolt guards, latch guards, gap protectors, door wrap around are just some of the accessories we have ready in our vans. Click for more on Security Hardware and accessories.
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Certified Locksmith New Westminster

Get certified locksmith in New Westminster from My Key Locksmith. We offer various ranges of residential and commercial locksmith services. We are expert in and are known for our emergency lockout services. We offer different types of locksmith services and security solutions that you require in order to improve the security of your home, office or other property. To upgrade your home security, besides repair and replacing doors and locks, you can also install some additional security systems an alarm or CCTV system. For your commercial property, we provide high security locks so that you can easily keep safe your important and confidential documents and other things. Our main aim is to provide quick, high-quality services at budget savvy prices for your home or business as well as advanced security solutions. We have highly trained technicians with fully equipped and well prepared.

Our commercial customers enjoy the comfort of having a locksmith who is reasonable and responsible coming to their business and solving any problems with locks and door hardware. We deliver and install emergency exit devices, door closers, and high security locks. For your convenience, we can set up a master-key system, keyless entry and electrical strikes. In addition, we can inspect and upgrade your business security level. Anti-pray plates, deadbolt and latch protectors, cylinder guards, and bars will prevent costly break-in repairs.

We work with the most well-known brands and fit your budget. We take your security very seriously and will make sure your getting the best for a minimal price.

Our Services

Door Hardware
Our commercial services include any of your door hardware needs, and our locksmiths are equipped with all the different types of knob and lever sets that your business may need. Our door hardware also includes commercial grade locks which will secure your business and protect it from any attempt to break into it. Door hardware also includes door closers, peep holes, and emergency exit devices of different prices and complexities, all available for installation by our locksmiths at your request.

Security Upgrades
At MyKey Locksmith, we know how important it is for you that your business remain secure at all times. If it is ever broken into, give us a call and our locksmiths will make all the necessary repair at a very reasonable price, no matter how bad the scene seems to be. Our expert locksmiths have see various burglary crime scenes, and every one comes out looking better than before it was burgled. This is because we have professional locksmiths who can install different security upgrades, including but not limited to:

Astragal installation
Knob guard installation
Anti-pry plates
Deadbolt protectors
Latch protectors
Cylinder guards
Iron bars
Plexiglass installation
Of course, we hope that you call MyKey Locksmiths before something happens to your business, because repairing your workplace is usually much more expensive than preventing it from happening in the first place. When it comes to your business, you can trust that our locksmiths put your safety and security first.

Since it can be difficult to decide what exact security upgrades your business needs, you can call a locksmith to your place of business who will carefully examine your current system with a trained eye. The locksmith will then point out what needs to be done and discuss your options with you so that you can upgrade your security. Once our locksmith gives you a plan that you feel comfortable with, you will receive a full estimate of the price so that you know how much you will be paying before you do. All of this is just one call away.

Keyless Entry and Electrical Strikes
A keyless entry system is one of the best way to keep your business secure. The first and most important thing it does is get rid of the need for keys, so that there is no chance of them being lost or stolen. Secondly, if you are interested in electrical strikes and the higher end style of keyless locks, you will be able to track down who gets into your building when. This way, you will have all the information you may need when something happens.

Masterkey System
The professionals at MyKey Locksmith can rekey any lock in your business building and then imply a masterkey system based on which doors you tell them to be operated by what key. Our locksmiths will survey the area, then get all the cylinders out of the locks. These will be promptly rekeyed and then reinstalled with the masterkey system implemented, the keys stamped at your convenience. This is truly one of the best ways to control who goes where in your building.

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Top rated lock rekey Delta

Find the perfect rekey service in Delta at My Key Locksmith. If you have a new property or you want to rent it, you will require locks to rekey service for changing your locks. We are one of the leading locksmiths in Delta that has been in the business of locksmith for many years and enhancing home security and commercial business locks. At My Key Locksmith, we have provided our service to many customers as a residential and a commercial Locksmith in the whole area of Delta. We really care about your security. With many years of experience, we have deep knowledge to handle all your lock, key, and rekey issues in Delta. The main advantage of having your locks rekeyed instead of lock replacement is budget savings. Due to any reason if you require residential Locks to rekey services in Delta, you can contact our professional locksmiths at an affordable price.

Locks Rekey & Replace
Lock Rekey
Almost all deadbolts can be rekeyed to match another key. This will make sure that the old key is not going to work anymore. Rekeying meaning that you don’t have to replace the locks, instead we use the same lock and configure it to fit a different key. If you have several entrances, we can make all the locks match to the same key, that will reduce the amount of keys on your keychain.

why rekey?
If you move to a new home it’s recommended to change the combination of the locks. By doing so you can make sure you’re the only one with access to the lock. You can also do this to make sure that there are no copies of the key anywhere else. Rekeying is a great and simple method to improve the safety of your home.

Lock replace
We recommend replacing the locks if they are outdated or low level security. We work with most of the known brands to match your security expectation and budget. Our technicians have stock in their vans to offer a great variety of locks mainly commercial grade. The difference is higher security, durability, fire rating. We also have locks that fit any style and color you may want.
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Affordable lock rekey Richmond

Get affordable lock rekey service in Richmond from My Key Locksmith. Our team is committed to provide the quickest rekey service in Richmond. We have ability to handle both residential and commercial Locks without creating any problems. Our locksmiths are well trained and are professionally equipped with the latest tools for proper installation and rekeys. The professionals at My Key Locksmith are always updated on the latest industry practices and products so that in Richmond, we provide our customers with the cost effective solutions they need. We suggest you that if you take the service of rekey a lock, and then you do not have to change the lock. Rekeying locks is nothing but making your lock in working position with the help of another key. This is very effective process and there is no need to change the whole lock if you’re worried someone else has access to your home. For more information:-

Perfect Locksmith Richmond

Find the perfect locksmith in Richmond at My Key Locksmith. We can help you in gaining access when an original key is not present. It is difficult for you to have an authorized identification, proving that you have the right to gain access. We offer a holistic service for installation and maintenance of all manner of security equipment. We can easily fitting a lock to the high-security steel doors with PC based access control. We’re the leading locksmith experts giving our service to the needs of a discerning clientele in the Richmond. Our main aim is to set new standards of service and excellence in delivering to our customer at highest quality and value-for-money residential and commercial locksmith services, by having a team of highly skilled and trained professional. We are expert in replacement locks and mechanisms for different types of doors and windows. For more information:-