Portable Homes Northland

Floor Plans

The Bethells Artist Impression

This classic, gable dwelling will look sharp wherever you place it. Inside, the bedrooms and living nearly appear as separate wings. The bathroom, laundry and covered entry void make this happen. Simple and timeless are two words that describe this home well.

The Raglan

Wrapped in low-maintenance, metal powder coat cladding and finished with a dose of timber board and batten, this home will impress! With two bedrooms, an internal bathroom, an overhead, vented skylight, good storage and a fun layout, there’s a lot to love!

The Muriwai

Small and modern, this two-bedroom dwelling is a perfect mix of style and usable space. Inside, the open plan living, dining and kitchen help maximise usable space within such a small footprint. This small home is sure to maximise the land it sits on whether that’s in the backyard or at the beach!

The Mahia

The layout of this home is particularly good for narrow, north-facing sites. Three bedrooms, a large open living, a bathroom complete with bath and the option of a wrap around deck for all day sun make this a transportable worth checking out! If you like modern, this transportable will fit the bill!

The Whangamata

This transportable home is timeless in style with its board and batten exterior and the classic gable roof ends. Inside, there are three bedrooms, a bathroom that doubles as an ensuite, a good sized kitchen and a wide lounge. If you want a transportable home that won’t date with time and is big enough to entertain inside, this is it!

The Piha

A seamless modern transportable that’s truly rectangle in shape and modern in flavour. Optional full-height glazing will help achieve good light inside and views out across your site. Inside, there are three bedrooms, a master with ensuite, and a spaced-out open plan living. If you have a wide site with a view, this transportable will be right at home!

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Tiny House Whangarei

Welcome to MOD Build Homes, we are a new transportable house business.

Our Approach

Our goal is to deliver high-quality homes to peoples housing sites. We have a standard range of homes to choose from or we can do a full custom design and build as well.

Professional Team

We want to listen to your ideas and collaborate to build your dream home.

We have a passion for smaller homes, we find keeping them simple and practical, with some nice features works.

We’re sure you’ll be happy working with us

Our buildings are fully completed in the yard, they are delivered ready to connect to onsite utilities and services. The house is delivered fully finished – painted, floor coverings, kitchen and bathroom all installed.

If your site services are ready, you are only hours away from being up and running.

Building off site eliminates lots of onsite hassles, noise, rubbish, parking issues, mud, the list is endless. Once the house is landed, you can now add the decks, driveways, landscaping and your own personal touches.

Price Guide

We offer honest and competitive prices, as we believe in providing affordable luxury. We can manage your building project smoothly and effectively whilst providing the best levels in service, price and quality.

Personal approach to every client

We use only the best materials in our homes unlike nearly all other home builders who skimp on nails concrete and use cheap labour to boost their profits, thus leading to poor builds and problems.

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Tiny House Northland

Innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction are the guiding principles of our business and enables our continued success.

Best in class

We stand out because we are committed to working for our clients to create a truly customer-focused experience. Our in-house team services your needs beyond the role of a builder or designer, but as your partner as well. Our project consultants simplify the construction experience by coordinating a team of builders that are best suited for your project.


The floor plan is our first detail to organise, you can use one of ours, one of yours or a combination, we want you to have your dream home. You can add a garage, decks and a veranda and customise any plan with your own style of kitchen and bathrooms and any other details you need.

If you have land, we can provide you with a full turn-key proposal so you will know exactly what your new home will cost. We will also access your property to make sure a house can be delivered there

  1. Development stage

At this stage we need to take $5,000 deposit, this is where we take the floor plan that you want and start to make it real. This deposit will be deducted from the total house build cost. We will start building the project on the proposed house site.

Site plan drawn >> Floorplan drawn on site plan >> Elevations >> Kitchen plan >> Electrical plan >> Quote given >> Issues identified and listed

We will work hard on the design part of the house to ensure you are completely happy, as after this stage no changes can be made, from here we move on to the contract stage

  1. The Contract

This is where we both sign a legal document which states our obligations as builders to you, and you the payee, your payment schedule. Your decision to proceed with construction is now legally formalised

Once the contract has been signed and the deposit paid, the full working drawings will be finalised and submitted to Council to issue the building consent, a process that normally takes 5 to 6 weeks. Once the consent has been issued your home will then move on to the construction phase.

  1. Yard Construction

Your home is built in our yard to full completion and ready for delivery


Your house is delivered overnight, your transportable home is sited in position from here foundations, and any further site works including decks, garages and utility connections are completed. This stage normally takes 4 to 6 weeks depending on the level of site works involved.

  1. Enjoy your new home!

Your new home is finished, all payments have been made, keys are in your hand for your new home.

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Relocatable Houses Auckland

Building your home within the climate-controlled environment of a modular home factory assures that one of your most valuable investments will be protected. Weather-related deterioration, such as moisture-damaged, warped timber and drywall or cracked, peeling and disintegrating materials subjected to extreme cold or heat is completely eliminated. The tiny house Northland construction also greatly reduces the time needed for completion because delays caused by the elements are no longer a factor. Building site preparation and home construction can occur simultaneously with modular construction. Construction on stick-built homes cannot begin until the initial site work is completed. Move-in dates can be more closely anticipated and can be kept on schedule.

The tiny house Northland is Quality construction as modular Homes are built stronger and tighter than site construction homes due to the transportation of the components to the home site. Not only are all walls, floors and ceilings nailed together as in conventionally constructed home, but they are also sealed and bonded with a specially designed adhesive to further strengthen the durability, as well as provides additional energy efficiency. In most cases, more lumber is used in modular construction than conventional construction, resulting in a sturdier home frame.

Finally, remarkable cost savings results from the efficiency of relocatable homes Auckland. Building time is reduced resulting in decreased construction loan interest. Cost overages are reduced as well, due to the efficiency and precision of modular factory construction. Modular home factories are also able to buy large quantities of the highest quality building material at the most competitive prices, therefore passing these savings on to the homeowner. The word modular residence has become a rather well-liked term inside the real-estate business. Modular houses really are a cheaper means for individuals to obtain the custom built residence of the dreams. And that just during the building process afterward, custom modular homes run more efficiently because their insulation is often better having not been exposed to the elements before installation and the air exchange is less than site-built homes. The benefits are clear: In today’s tight economic times, relocatable homes Auckland are the right answer for consumers who want to spend less now and in the future, who want almost any house plan.

Modular houses are made sticking with the same supplies as on-site homes are but you are in fact internal manufacturing plant establishing instead of on-page and funneled to the property. The modular properties are completely just like other properties with regards to financing options and zoning restrictions and when transportable homes Whangarei are accomplished they appear exactly like tradition site- built houses. They’re cheaper than site built properties, nevertheless are naturally a little more costly than manufactured houses. Whoever has clam shell properties created will get good quality houses that are entirely unique and constructed with the same advanced technologies accustomed to construct site homes.

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Relocatable Homes Auckland

Mod Build Homes is the name of excellence in transportable homes in Northland. Our custom-built prefab homes are a genuine solution for affordable housing. We offer great prefab homes that are designed to complement your way of living. We sell Transportable Homes in Whangarei, Kerikeri, Kaitaia and Portable Homes in Auckland, Whangarei, Kerikeri, Kaitaia and more.

Our Relocatable Homes are economical, sustainable, and guaranteed quality that is especially available in Northland. Transportable homes are a sustainable option for many that can afford them. We do not only focus on designing a living space or bedroom area, we also focus on creating modern, clean and sleek kitchens and bathrooms.

Best Relocatable Prefab Houses Auckland and Northland Wide- We are the best relocatable homes provider from Auckland toNorthland and our stunning architectural transportable buildings have high-quality finishing’s.

Relocatable homes are loved from Auckland and north for its cost and time effective method than building a brand-new home. For various reasons, people love to go for modular relocatable homes in Auckland.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose our transportable homes:

We offer a wide range of building material choices:

Our relocatable homes can be made out of various materials; so our client gets a wide range of cladding to roofing materials to choose from as well as flooring to paint for your walls, we are flexible with all materials used. Rather than building a house with a traditional method choosing a relocatable home gives you a range of options, style, and design.

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