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My Orbi Satellite Issues

To begin with the Orbi Satellite Setup guide, you need to gather all the elements that are required for setting up Orbi router and satellite. These include the Orbi router, Orbi Satellite, Ethernet cable, a computer/Laptop or a device capable of wireless connection.

Here are some easy steps to follow for Orbi Satellite Issue:

  1. Enable Implicit Beamforming, MU-MIMO and WMM.
  2. Daisy Chain - Activate if more than 2 satellite.
  3. Fast Roaming - Disable
  4. Armor - Optional (Negligible impact on performance)
  5. Disable IPv6
  6. Enable 20/40Mhz Coexistence
  7. Logs - Untick logging of DoS attacks and Port scans
  8. Channel 1 for 2.4 Ghz and Channel 36 for Ghz
  9. Guest Network - Disabled
  10. Remote Management - Disabled
  11. Static IP Address for all Satellites and connected devices

Let me know what’s your configuration and if tweaking any other setting has helped you achieve better performance and stable Wifi.

Orbi Satellite Issues observed:

  1. My phone disconnects and reconnects while roaming in the mesh Wifi network. This is specific to my phone only and other devices are working fine.
  2. Orbi app shows wrong network Map
  3. Orbi app takes time to detect network and product.

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