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Don’t regret anything you do because in the end it makes you who you are.What you do on life defines you.We are born to figure out what kind of person we are, by our actions, kindness, wicknesses, and obligations we deffine our selfs.You can do what ever you like in life, what matter is that you are happy.


I consider my self as a hardworker person, I am really fun to hang out with, I’am unique like me there is no other.

Body paragraph 1

topic sentence

I’am a hardworker person.

supporting details

even thoe i get bad grades i always try my best

I never give up

I always try till i get tired

concluding details

Body paragraph 2

topic sentence

I love to have fun with friends and family.

supporting details

I love to enjoy listening to music with my best friend.

I like to go to the movies.

I like to read by the window at anytime.

concluding details

Body paragraph 3

topic details

You will never find someone like me in the world.

supporting details

I’m unique in a way that no one will understand.

No one comparess to me.

I’m weird in a god way and everyone love’s that about me.

concluding details