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全新版 Gingko desktop beta

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email from Ferrari

2022-06-23 星期四


After a two-year pause on development, I was finally able to resume work on Gingko Writer’s Desktop version this March.

Based on feedback, and my own principles, I decided to switch to a simpler file format.

Personally, I always feel more comfortable when my writing is in a format that’s portable and well-supported. That way my work isn’t tied to any one application, and I am fully in control of my data.

The new file format is just plain-text markdown with added HTML tags for structure. It can even be opened with any markdown reader, or even just Notepad/TextEdit/etc!

Because of this change, I’m considering the desktop version to be back in beta-testing.

My current priority is to make sure file saving is absolutely reliable.
If you want to help, download the beta and TRY YOUR BEST TO LOSE YOUR WRITING 😳!
Then let me know if you succeed, so I can fix it 🤓…

Windows: installer
macOS: dmg or zip
Linux: AppImage or snap[1]
Adriano Ferrari

[1] : To install the snap file, run this command on it:
sudo snap install gingko-writer_2.5.0_amd64.snap —dangerous

download links

video demo,我的视频演示




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  • tag 不支持了
  • 上传图片,也别想了
  • 某些格式,也弱化了


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