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Splashbacks in Wellington City

Such restoration work can be done by specialists in this field who will remove all glass panels, replaced the damaged ones, repaint all panels and replace the lead coming when it is the case. Reloading is also an option, but it is more expensive and it takes more time. It is worth mentioning that stained glass repair and replacement will not be done in your property because it requires extensive work. As far as the cost of such repair is concerned, this usually depends on the complexity of the job, the extent of the damage, the size of the window, the glass repair Lower Hutt that are needed and the removal and installation difficulty. The overall cost usually includes pickup, removal, delivery and installation.

Glass products are beautiful, they enhance the aesthetic appeal of any property but they are vulnerable to damages. Replacing damaged glass can be quite costly and this is why most people prefer to opt for emergency glass repair. When repairs are possible, you will be able to save a great deal of money and enjoy your glass for many years to come. It is recommended to deal with glass problems when they occur to prevent the damage from getting worse. Whether we like it or not, accidents do occur and you should not postpone dealing with glass problems if you do not want to risk the safety of your loved ones. How can emergency glass repair Lower Hutt specialists help? Working with glass is complicated and dangerous. For this reason, you should not try to deal with cracked glass on your own for it takes skills, discipline and the right tools to repair glass. Most of the times people who try to fix the problem themselves injure themselves or they create a messier situation that is more difficult to resolve.

Why should you try to manage broken glass accidents on your own, when you can rely on glass repair Lower Hutt specialists for a variety of services such as: emergency glass repair, residential repairs, insulated glass repairs, patio door glass repairs, store front repairs, stained glass repairs and others. There are things that we can handle on our own around the house but cracked glass is not one of them. Not hiring glass repair specialists when you have a problem can have severe consequences and if the damage spreads it will cost you a lot of money and chances are the repair will no longer be possible. Are you willing to risk that? Glass repair services are available at an affordable cost and there are reliable companies that will assist you with everything you need. Thanks to emergency glass repair Lower Hutt you no longer have to worry when you have a glass emergency.

Splashbacks in Wellington

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Window Repairs in Wellington

Double Glazing Wellington

Double glazing is all about selecting the right glass to suit your living environment and budget. Laminates, Low- E coatings, and high-performance tinted glass can all play an important role in thermal performance, occupant comfort, and appearance. Colonial or powder coated bars are one option to suit your individual designs and tastes.

The benefits of double glazing are 70% more heat retention in your home, reduced condensation, and noise reduction. Argon filled gas can also be used to help against any additional heat loss.

Replacement Windows

Window repairs Wellington

When your windows and frames have passed their liveable lifespan and are not suited to an insert application or retro fitting, a new replacement windows will be necessary. This is standard issue on older homes. We can dress your windows up with facings and scribers to give you the best weather tightness and quality of installation. Please ask us about customizing the house that you have to the house that you want!

Insert Windows

An insert frame is a new aluminium window that sits in the rebate of your existing timber frame. Giving you the modern window advantages without making the installation process to intrusive:

About Nice Glass

Here at Nice Glass we are a Lower Hutt based glazing business which was established in June 2011 is owned and operated by Alan Burgess.

Alan has over 16 years of experience in the New Zealand glazing industry, including nine years as glazing supervisor for Viridian Glass.

Alan and his team are honest, reliable and will provide you with the very best in quality and service. We are all trade qualified and focused on doing the job right the first time. Nice Glass guarantees our work 100%.

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Double Glazing in Lower Hutt

RetroFit Double glazing Lower Hutt

This is when we leave your existing aluminium window frames in place and replace your single glazed panels with double glazed units. This is done by fitting new aluminium beading to your fixed panels and replacement opening sash extrusion to allow for the extra thickness of the double glazed glass panel. This is a good option when your frames are newer or in really good condition.

Re-flash your windows

However if your frames are older we can take your existing windows out and re-flash the bottom sill and head flashings, this will bring your existing windows to a new building standard.

Don’t just retrofit!

Have us at Nice Glass check your existing aluminium joinery for flashings. Prior to 2005 most aluminium joinery was installed without flashings. And in some cases untreated timber was used to the outside wall of your house framing. We can pull your windows out, put new flashings in then reinstall your existing frame with double glazing. While giving you peace of mind that no unwanted and unseen water is behind the walls creating permanent and costly damage.

Glass Mirrors

Nice Glass can provide high quality flat glass that is backed with silver and two protective coats of special baked enamel paint, giving additional protection against steam, moisture, and chemicals. A mirror gives an open, bright look to any room which can be used in all aspects of your home or business.

All mirrors for use in bathrooms need to be vinyl backed for safety and protection against black dots and black edges due to steam and moisture reacting with the silvering. We can also provide one-way mirror glass, or bevelled and sandblasted edges to suit your individual needs.

Commercial Glass and Glazing Wellington

In the commercial industry, Nice Glass specialises in new glass installations, partitions, office and retail fit outs, shelving, and reception counters. We know the importance of image and efficiencies, and we offer you the best value with a fast turnaround.

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Balustrades Wellington

Balustrades are an architectural design to provide safety from falling, with a first class look. With many unique modern styles available, Nice Glass can keep the structural design and theme of your home while providing you with complete safety for yourself and your loved ones.

Glass balustrades can add style and sophistication to any home. Enhancing your space with glass balustrades is now made easy and affordable by the team at Nice Glass.

Nice Glass is the number one glass fabrication company in the Wellington Area and serves a wide range of residential and commercial clients by providing quality glass balustrades. We offer intensive glass balustrade systems that include but are not limited to balustrades for your stairs, balconies and decks.

By choosing to install glass balustrades with Nice Glass, you are ensuring a maintenance free, long term investment and enhancing the value of your property. From small residential projects to complex commercial jobs, you are guaranteed excellent customer service and beautifully installed glass balustrades.

Glass Balustrades Wellington Wide

We have many balustrade designs on offer from semi-frameless to frameless that will suit your ideas and designs. It is important that we help you at the start of the design stage as all balustrades are designed and installed differently. We supply you with a producer statement (PS1) to help your architect and builder with their drawings and plans.

Kitchen Splashbacks Wellington

Nice Glass can provide timeless, modern, and customised splashbacks to suit your needs. We can work with you to help create your feature in coloured back painted glass for your kitchen, laundry or bathroom.

If you are looking to choose a colour, we work with any Resene colour available. Alternatively, if there is a certain colour you would like, we have the ability to colour match.

Project Management

Alan and his team specialise in small to medium, domestic and commercial projects. But are also available to provide assistance on your large projects in the following ways:

Acting on your behalf as glazing project manager including managing and coordinating a team of glaziers; or Working alongside your contractors to complete any project.

Window repairs Wellington

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Retrofit Double Glazing Wellington


For reliable glass repair and installation in Wellington, contact Nice Glass today. Whether you need to fix a broken window or get a new shower door installed, our experienced technicians provide professional fabrication services for residential homes and commercial premises throughout Wellington.

Glass Window Repairs Wellington Wide

Nice Glass was established in Lower Hutt on June 2011 and is owned and operated by Alan Burgess. Over the years we have developed a strong reputation and a list of repeat customers thanks to our prompt service and quality workmanship. You can count on us every time to deliver a high quality final result that will meet all of your needs. The team at Nice Glass have extensive experience in glass repair and installations throughout Wellington and New Zealand wide. Thanks to our years of experience and industry knowledge, we are able to offer exceptional products and solutions for your project.


If damage occurs to any glass in your home, it is vital to get it repaired as soon as possible. At Nice Glass, we customize glass sheets to your specific requirements, so that no one will even know the glass was broken in the first place! Nice Glass also carries out glass repair and installation on commercial premises. We specialize in partitions, office and retail fit outs, shelving, and reception counters.

We understand the importance of efficiency when running a business, and so we offer you organized service and a fast turnaround. For commercial glass repair Wellington wide, contact our friendly team today.

Double Glazing Wellington Wide

Double glazed windows can help to significantly reduce energy bills, reduce outside noise, and enhance your property’s value. Let the team at Nice Glass install your double-glazed windows and bring your home into the 21st century.

Retrofit double glazing Wellington

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