Poor business support


On Line banking is overall very good , Business Support was very poor but recently shows some sign of an improvement

Lot of management change. Slowness to react and least risk option at all times

Lack of engagement and thius familiarity with account, business at managerial level.

our business is real estate and UB are not active in this sphere hence it is hard to see how we recommend too strongly

Technical Problems

We have had a few issues over the last ciuple of years with the technical problems experienced by the Bank

Lack confidence in systems and the lack of knowledge of our business needs by Corporate banking



While our historical experience has been good, there is still perceived uncertainty as to whether or not UB will really be interested in the SME sector in the future

Reduced opening hours


Our local branch’s opening hours have been greatly reduced which is very inconvenient

Poor scehuling


Automatic sweeps are not booked on time specially after bank holidays.



Poor followup


I am very impressed with some of the Corporate team and handling and also the focus on entrepreneurship , SME. Particular mention of focus on Women Doing Business Network and SME awards etc. I am not satisfied with queries/followups or issues - they take way too long to resolve. No follow up from UB - it’s always up to client to trace / follow up / request checking .

Focus on entrepreneurship

Excellent Terms


Excellent financial terms and the staff are fine albeit the work required on our part at times was a wee bit onerous.

Required work

Good staff


The experience of the team in UB CIB has always been positive and the staff right up to senior level very responsive.

I find them professional, competitive and generally easy to work with..

The people we deal with are exceptionally good

Better than competitors


Ulster Bank CIB are as good as (and in many cases much better) than the competitors.





Highly responsive account management. Focussed on resolving issues quickly.

Efficient, approachable and great customer service



The bank has been helpful and courteous at all stages and supportive of our business.

Ulster Bank have been very supportive of all of the businesses I have worked for past and present.

Good experience ourselves

My point of contact (Claire McGrattan) is very good - it makes such a difference.

Best service available


We believe the service we recieve is the best currently available in Ireland

Understand business


Cooperation, insight & professionalism

we have an excellent working relationship with the UB corporate team, who fully understand the industry sector that we operate within. No hesitation in recommending the UB Corporate division

Interest in the business and the people in the business