Shellfish New Zealand

Mother nature has blessed New Zealand with some of the cleanest seawater on the planet. Due to the proximity of Antarctica, our NZ water is clean and abundant with nutrients for the mussels to filter feed naturally. The sea is also brimming with the building blocks of all life in the ocean, phytoplankton. Two factors which make our Shellfish New Zealand so tasty and nutritious. Taking what nature has given us, our primary aim is to create all natural, lightly cooked shellfish which can be eaten straight from the pack or used anywhere live would normally be used. We take nature and make it safer and more convenient! Without additives and full of innate flavour, our mussels and clams provide the presentation and preparation options of fresh shellfish, without the time, wastage and food safety concerns.

The motive for this being that most effective farmed mussels are used, and due to this, the threat of heavy steel infection has been eliminated. In order to get an excessive high-satisfactory extract, the inexperienced lipped green mussels new Zealand needed to be freeze dried nearly at once when they had been harvested. They then become powder so that you can facilitate lipid extraction, and it’s miles this extract which you may discover in a great complement. Lower quit producers will but pretty frequently buy the powder that’s left over after the lipid extraction manner. This powder is of an inferior high-satisfactory, however of path it’s miles cheaper, and that equates to larger profits. The ethics of the story suggest cautiously earlier than you purchase.

There are a few results and warnings connected to the inexperienced lipped green mussels New Zealand, however as compared to prescription drugs, they’re very mild. The mussels can cause a few digestive discomfort, so it’s advocated that they be eaten with meals. Those which can be allergic to seafood will enjoy the identical response to inexperienced lipped mussels, and ought to now no longer use them. Also, the mussels can damage a fetus, so pregnant girls ought to now no longer use them either. Green lipped mussels are anti-inflammatory and deal with foremost inflammatory conditions. But additionally they include nutrients and minerals that everybody needs. So for specific, or typical fitness, the inexperienced lipped mussels are really well worth trying. So, contact Omega seafood for any queries.

Green Mussels New Zealand

The Green Mussels New Zealand has been an exceptionally famous meal supply in New Zealand for a long time already. It is a thriving enterprise that’s really well worth almost three hundred million NZ dollars. Generally speaking, mussel farms yield about 10 heaps of mussels in step with hectare. In phrases of protein production, mussel farms are more or less 2 hundred instances extra green than onshore cattle farms. These days the green mussels new Zealand can of path be farmed in different nations however the ones farmed in New Zealand are taken into consideration to be advanced in phrases of high-satisfaction. This is of path in large part because of the high-satisfactory water wherein they’re farmed. The New Zealand authorities have a number of the maximum stringent environmental legal guidelines and policies in place, and water samples are taken frequently for unbiased evaluation so as to test for strains of heavy metals, bacteria, and numerous different biotoxins.

Currently we are exporting our products all around the world, and having continued growth year on year with 80% of our business being export sales. Here are a few details on export purchases. Our factory works on 10 month a year producing season with July & August the shutdown months, as there are no mussels available to be harvested and processed during this time. If you are wanting our products a 4-6month lead time is required for container orders. For smaller initial pallet orders can be arranged with a 2-3month notice but only is production space allows.

Greenshell mussels are unique to New Zealand, ours are sustainably farmed in the pristine waters of the top of New Zealand’s South Island. Suspended on ropes, the mussels feed naturally without intrusion. ​ Upon harvest, they lock their shells and hold approximately 1 teaspoon of seawater per mussel. We inspect, wash and shave the beard off the outside of the closed mussels. Next, they’re bagged in a USFDA approved, non-BPA plastic pouch. The pouch is then vacuum packed and pressure cooked at high temperatures in a retort (industrial pressure cooker).