My experience of the Healthcare team is excellent

At all times and during all issues affecting both me and also those affecting the bank the relationship management team has maintained an open and honest channel of communication.

They have met all my needs, answered all questions, helped as needed

Some of the team are extremely responsive. Others are not at all.

I have awarded a “excellent” due to the very professional service provided to me by the 3 UB corporate staff members who cannot do enough to help my business.

Intelligent alert enthusiastic.

They are geernally good experienced people.

Rsponsive and open if ther is a dealy in a process - always professional and thorough. will always seek to accomodate the customer where possible.

The realtionship team we work with is first class helpful, pro active and always have ime for our queries, etc. Much stronger than the comparable teams at other banks

The individuals are exceptionally good to deal with and while sometimes they might hold a different position with respect to an issue, they will always outline that very clearly and which helps you understand their perspective

The team are always on hand and will make every effort to get credit decisions quickly and at short notice as they keep up to date with our business and sector.

Professional, honest and responsive to our requests

Has improved over the last year , however very little engagement

They are professional and respond in a timely manner when they are available.

Poor management of problem


Difficulties in dealing rationally with a complex problem

Unable to access bank statements, having requested them several times.

hard to reach/get response


Always have to ‘chase’ for answers, very patchy response, hard to arrange bank feeds due to poor communication between teams

motivations conflict with constomer


I readilyn appreciate they have their own requirements to meet which on occassions may not sit easily with the customer’s requirements and may be frustrating at times.

Some recent improvements


Some improvement recently .