Can I connect a router to another router?

Yes, you can connect orbi router to another router or modem. But you need to set up the orbi router in access point mode. If you are experiencing wifi connectivity problems or coverage problems then you must consider performing orbi setup with existing router. Not sure how to connect orbi to your existing router? Fret not! We will explain to you the steps for connecting orbi to an existing router in detail.

Step 1- Connect orbi to existing router via an ethernet cable

Begin by preparing both devices.
Make sure that both orbi and your home router is connected to the power source and turned ON.
Once both devices are powered ON, you need to get them connected through an ethernet cable.
Plug the ethernet cable into the LAN port of your existing router and insert its second end into the ethernet port of the orbi device.

Step 2- Access the Orbi Login page

Type in the browser
Orbi login window appears.
Input username and password
Hit ‘Enter’ key.

Step 3- Set up orbi in Access Point mode

Now you have reached into the orbi setup page. Here, you can set up orbi in access point mode. Use the following steps to set up orbi in AP mode-

On the orbi setup wizard, click on the ‘Advanced’ menu.
Now go to the ‘Advanced Setup’
Click on ‘Router’ and change it to ‘AP mode’
Save the changes.

These were quick steps to perform orbi setup with the existing router. Begin by connecting the devices through an ethernet cable and then access the orbi login page to set up orbi in ‘AP’ mode. If something doesn’t work or you fail to connect orbi to the existing modem or router, you can contact our technicians for assistance with this process. Our team is available round the clock to help you.