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Everything is possible if you put your mind to it!

Development (build up to the thesis)


I am a busy person, I’m an athlete, I watch YouTube videos, and I’m also friendly.

Body paragraph 1

Topic sentence

I believe in fitness.

Supporting details

  • I like to workout in the gym six days a week.
  • I like playing soccer.
  • I like to watch the Fifa world cup every four years.

Concluding sentence

Body paragraph 2

Topic sentence

When I’m bored I like to watch YouTube videos or read about something interesting.

Supporting details

  • I like to watch comics videos.
  • I like to search for questions that I have.
  • I like to read historic articles that sound interesting for me.

Concluding sentence

Body paragraph 3

Topic sentence

I am a very friendly person.

Supporting details

  • I like to help others.
  • I believe that communication is the first step for a friendship.
  • I consider myself as a cool guy, that likes to joke a lot.

Concluding sentence


Paraphrase thesis

If you put on your mine, that you can achieve a dream. Some times we get lack in our own life. We say that our time is too full to add another activity, but is not impossible if you organize all your activities.

Paraphrase topic sentence

I am a very busy person, that has to find new ways to organize all my activities. For example, I assist to college every morning and I work out on the afternoons, but at the same time I am a social person, that likes to meet new people every day. I also need to make a space to work, because I am an independent teenager.

Final Thoughts

I like working-out, play soccer, and watch sports on TV. When I am bored, I like to search for videos on the web or read anything that gets my attention. I considerate myself as a friendly person. I like to help others with anything that I can do for them. I like communication with others because for me, communication is the most important step on a friendship. I see myself as a cool guy who is serious, but also a joker at the same time.