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Thesis Statement

I’m always proud from where I come from and the roots of my ancestors. Thanks to them right now I have many opportunities in life. My family is really important because together we are indestructible, we are a big family in total, and we love each other.

Body Paragraph 1

Topic Sentence

Supporting Details

-Exploring my paternal lineage by different perspectives.


*importance of unity

*the descendants from far away

Body Paragraph 2

Topic Sentence

Supporting Sentence

-My maternal lineage, is like a novel.

*food is the most important thing

*spreading love

Body Paragraph 3

Topic Sentence

Supporting Sentence

Family’s Story


*traveling to one place to another

*unity and humility


Final Thoughts

I feel really proud from where do I come from, and really thankful with each of my ancestors because thanks to them I have many opportunities in life just by knowing my last name. That makes me really proud full from where I come.