Gingko is a very versatile tool, and has been used for everything from writing physics papers, drafting novels, and planning baby purchases.
These are just some examples of its uses.

Academic Papers

Gingko was born out of frustration with writing a PhD in physics. It is ideally suited for large complex documents.

Academic Paper Template

The missing piece to changing
the university culture

Class Notes

Gingko's real-time collaboration feature, and its "divide and conquer" structure, make it ideal for taking notes in class, as a class.

Philosophy 101 notes

Ancient Greek History

Productivity and Project Planning

Gingko's flexibility allows it to be used for a variety of project planning methodologies. Here is a template to help you think through your projects, and another for one approach to GTD with Gingko.

Project Planning Template



Gingko's structure makes it ideal for studying difficult texts. While reading the dialog, we can immediately see the scene summary at the left. If this were organized differently, we could also see commentary and further details to the right.

Romeo and Juliet



The idea for Gingko came in part from the way screenplays are written. No one understands structure like screenwriters. With a whole lot of story to fit into 110 sparse pages, structure is everything. Screenplay structure is written from logline to Acts to Sequences to Scenes to Beats. Which makes Gingko an ideal tool for screenwriters.


2001: A Space Odyssey