Screenplays are Fractal

Gingko used to show the structure and major turning points of the movie "Alien". Gingko used to show the structure and major turning points of the movie “Alien”.


The most important element of a screenplay is structure. Keeping structure and cohesion throughout 150 pages is a challenge. That’s why everybody you meet has movie ideas, but only a handful have actual movie scripts. We’ve developed gingko to help you focus on what really matters in your story… and we’ve tried to make it fun, so your ideas just flow onto the page.

Formatting is a distraction

Screenwriting software that helps with formatting only distracts you from the structure. With proper formatting, anything can look like a screenplay. But if the pieces don’t fit into the whole, it just won’t work as a movie.

Index cards – the old-fashioned way

Yes, it’s fun to write out your scenes in index cards. But if your cards can just be shuffled around at will, then your story doesn’t have much structure.


Outliners (whether in Word, or specialized screenplay software), can help you get a quick sketch of a story’s structure. But how many times have you been outlining, and suddenly get a great idea for a particular scene? Wouldn’t it be nice to just “drill down” to the scene level, and put the idea in its proper place, with a few keystrokes?

That’s what makes gingko different: More powerful than any outliner, it allows you to see the big picture and the details.