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Possible Topics

HR 1685, Section 2

Instituting Borrowing Parity for Physician Assistant Students Under the Federal Direct Loan Program

HR 1685, Section 4

Grants for PA programs at HBCUs and PBI (Predominantly Black Institutions)

Exploring the role of HBCUs in medical education (doctors):

HR 1686, Section 2

Expanding Clinical Training Opportunities for Physician Assistants

This very small abstract mentions “lack of advanced training opportunities” as affecting PAs’ ability to treat substance abuse.

Reasonably infer that more training opportunities would include more advanced opportunities. See if you can find that specific section of this article.

Does clinical training influence job placement? Yes.

Generic Evidence / Resources

CARES: Collaboration and Rural Expansion of Services

Part of the Wisconsin Academy of PAs

Lots of links on the second page!

An older paper useful for setting the context/importance of expanding PAs