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New Dentures South Auckland


Sometimes despite your best efforts teeth can become diseased because of the effects of decay, cavities, injury or even extreme wear. When the dental pulp inside the tooth becomes diseased or dies you may experience tooth aches, sensitivity to hot and cold, discolouration, swelling or abscesses.

Once upon a time the only solution to this kind of tooth disease was to remove the tooth, however these days a root canal treatment can save the tooth. A root canal procedure involves removing the infected pulp, disinfecting the space, then inserting fine dental files to strengthen the tooth, then covering with a final filling.

Using a root canal to save the natural tooth is preferable to extracting and replacing the tooth because natural teeth are more efficient at biting and chewing, plus they are stronger.

Denture Repairs Auckland

Put aside your memories of Grandad’s false teeth! Denture technology has come a long way and modern dentures not only look better but they’re superior in comfort, stability and improved ability to chew efficiently.

Dental World have a clinical technician on staff which means that you can get dental and denture services all under one roof. They can fit you out with a custom fitted set of dentures (full or partial) which will take on the appearance of natural teeth. Modern dentures can be secured in place with dental implants which means no more scaring the grandkids by slipping them out at the dinner table!


Dental World also offer denture maintenance and repair services. GIve them a call to see if a full or partial set false teeth might be right for you.

At Dental World, we specialise in dentures, this includes:

Partial Dentures – Acrylic
Partial Dentures – Valplast (Flexible)
Precision Metal Partials


Relines treatment available from $389

Metal Partials dentures start from $999

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Cheap Dentist South Auckland


General dentistry is the cornerstone of any dental practice and is vital to maintaining oral health and preventing serious tooth decay. The team at Dental World are highly skilled and passionate about making sure your teeth look their best, with a range of non-invasive and Painless treatments. They can provide you with preventative and restorative dental services.

First time general consultations usually involve an examination of your teeth and x-rays to get a better look at what’s going on below the surface. A teeth cleaning by one of their dentists is also recommended at check up appointments. General consultations can establish if you need fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures or other more extensive surgical or cosmetic procedures.

Dental World are a family friendly practice, they understand the different dental needs of children and teens and have plenty of experience working with baby teeth and emerging permanent teeth. All teens aged 13-17 years old are entitled to free basic dental care. Talk to Dental World about this service for your teen.



Bridges are used to stand in for a missing tooth or multiple teeth, it ‘bridges’ the gap left by missing teeth and is supported by the teeth on either side of the gap. When done correctly they are indistinguishable from your existing teeth and can last for many years. At Dental World they can fit you with a bridge in just two appointments.


Crowns are porcelain or gold ‘caps’ which are custom fit over the top of your teeth, they are used to strengthen heavily filled teeth, as large fillings can be weakened over time and can cause all kinds of problems. Cracks in fillings make teeth tender to bite on or sensitive to hot or cold.

Crowns are also be used cosmetically to improve the appearance of teeth, when fitted correctly they look like perfect, natural teeth. At Dental World they can tell you which of your teeth would best be protected by crowns, to prevent problems before they develop.

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Cheap Dentist Auckland

Welcome To Dental World Hospital

At Papakura Dental World, we are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional dental experience from a highly skilled team of South Auckland dentists. We have established ourselves as one of Auckland’s leading dental clinics, thanks to our commitment to exceeding international quality and safety standards. Our advanced technology and team of qualified dentists have helped us develop and maintain a reputation for dental excellence.

General Dentistry

The oral health of our patients is of the utmost importance to us. We provide routine checkups to identify any current or potential dental problems so we can give you the treatment you need. We also provide teeth cleanings to prevent tartar buildup, cavities and damage to your teeth and gums.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We are passionate about providing our customers with the best possible smile. Even the most subtle change to your teeth can make a huge difference to the way you look and feel about yourself.

Dental World understand that beautiful healthy teeth can help you feel good about yourself!

Dental World is Papakura’s only clinical technician and dental team. They have over 40 years experience, and over 30 years on the same site. Due to their highly skilled team, they provide you with a one stop shop for all your dentistry requirements. You can have your teeth out, dentures in, and a consultation with the technician all in one go, so you leave feeling confident and secure. All their dentists are members of the NZDA and Graham the clinical technician is a member of the NZIDT.

Dental World have staff trained and accredited in every area of dentistry, they have both dentists and a dental technician on board so can offer all dental and denture services as well.

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Denture Repairs Auckland

Internet is the best place to look for a dentist. This will help you have more confidence in the dentist that you decide to use in your area. Just be sure that you contact them once you have learned all you can about them online before making your final decision about whether to go with that particular dentist or whether to find a new one. The sooner you get started, the sooner you will have a good dentist to go for dentures Auckland and the sooner you will have a smile that you are proud to show off to everyone around you.

When visiting a new dentist, it’s important to know the right questions to ask in order to ensure that you’re getting the proper care and that they offer the services and products you need. How much experience do you have and how long have you been at this location to skip their dentist appointment. In addition to location, it’s important to know about the experience of the dentist comfortable with your dentist’s level of experience. Do you have any areas of expertise outside of general practice?
Find out what your dentist’s specialties are, if he has any dentures Auckland. This is vital information because if you need a particular service down the road, you want to know if your dentist is expressly trained in the procedure. Technology is advancing at an ever-increasing speed, in order to keep up with these trends dentists must go through continuing education and training. State licensing requires cheap dentist South Auckland to go through a minimum of continual education. Dentists can choose to participate in more than the required amount, ask your dentist what kind of continual training do the dentist and his staff participate in.

Do you accept my insurance? This is an expensive mistake that you don’t want to learn about the hard way. Going to a new dentist can be an uncomfortable experience but it doesn’t have to be that way. By following the advice in this column, you can be sure that you’re getting the necessary information to keep you educated and comfortable with your dentist. Besides, you also have to know the charges that he bills for diverse treatments. Check the available modes of payment. Does your den cheap dentist South Auckland accept credit cards or does he take money only? Also, make note whether the dentist you are considering accepts dental insurance or not. So if you’re on a lookout for a dentist to find a solution for your dental problems, always make sure that the dentist meets the given criterions perfectly for a open communication is important in building trust between the dentist and the patient and can be a key factor as well in making the patient feel confident in the overall success of the dental treatment.

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Teeth Whitening South Auckland

If you are living in South Auckland and not happy with the services of your present dentist, it is time to seek a reputable dentist. This thrives with the profession of dentistry and seeking for a professional dentist can be quite a perplexing task. If you are finding it tough to decide whom you should get in touch with for exceptional dental care and cure, below are few tips that might help you.

First, when you are looking for a Cheap Dentist South Auckland, you must consider the proximity of his or her clinic to your house. Often there are dental emergencies when you might need to contact the clinic at the earliest; hence, if the dental care clinic is far away from your home, it might cause a lot of inconveniences seeking the aid of the dentist. For routine checkups, a dental care clinic that is near your home or on the way to your office is preferable. This way you will have an ease of convenience and will never have to miss an appointment.

The next thing you must check is that whether the potential dentist is experienced and competent enough to deal with all types of dental problems. The dentist should be skillful in dealing with dental problems similar to yours. Furthermore, check for the qualifications as well as validity of the licenses of the dentist before proceeding with any treatment. To put it in simple words, a cheap dentist South Auckland should be - experienced, competent, qualified, and licensed.

The other thing that you must consider while choosing a professional dentist is whether he or she is capable to carry out the dental treatment using latest tools and technologies. A reputed dentist should be adept in all the modern treatments and methods. Check whether the dental care clinic is well equipped with state-of-the-art technologies or equipment. You must also check whether the dentist is capable to take care of the dental health of each member of your family, including the young ones.

Finally, when it comes to choosing a cheap dentist South Auckland, you must always ask for recommendations and references from the people you know. Some of them might be paying regular visits to dental care clinics; hence, they will surely be able to recommend the best dentist in the vicinity. Before you finalize a dentist, do not forget to compare the costs, as well as insurance policies he or she accepts. Finding a dentist is easy, between the Internet and other resources, you can find a dentist in almost no time. Finding a good dentist can be a little tougher but finding a good dentist that you’re comfortable can be an overwhelming task.

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