Penelope Jewels Sro :-

Penelope Group was founded in the year 2000 in Florence, Italy. Our vision was to design and produce jewelry, watches and other accessories, which would express the personality of the holder and emphasize external and internal beauty. Our jewelry connects emotionally to the customer by helping them express their virtues, personality and lifestyle. Having this in mind and our motto “Jewelry that you cannot go out without”, we aimed at producing jewelry that would be part of our customers and their everyday looks and not just cold pieces of metals and rhinestones. Our passion for the creative arts of jewelry pushed us to go further, producing a wide line of products that wasn’t only classy and chic but also contemporary, practical and sportive. Our products offer high quality, they are comfortable to wear, unique and follow the most recent fashion trends. Most of these products are artisan, adding value to the product and the customer wearing it. Our successful vision combined with the unique style and design resulted in launching of the Penelope Brand in USA and Canada in the year 2014. Our work is characterized by the highest degree of technological specialization, quality, safety and customer satisfaction.

Pearl Rings for Sale :-

There are a lot of names in the market that are famous for providing genuine pearl rings for sale but none of them can match the quality of products from Penelope Jewels SRO. We have been a trusted part of the business for a while now and have earned great reviews. Contact us today! For more information visit us at:

Eden Collection Bracelets :-

Choose a bracelet from are a wide range of unique and stunning Eden collection bracelets from Penelope Jewels SRO. In our designs we have created a language to communicate the feelings of completeness, purity, happiness and revelation of the vibrant colors of life. Contact us today! For more information visit us at: