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#Potential Topic

#Why It Matters

#Vivid Scene Ideas

Scholarship Essay

It showed me the importance of hard work and what it takes to write a good essay. Because I didn’t get it, it taught me more.

When they announced it at the Award’s Ceremony and how I felt when I didn’t get it.

In 6th grade, we had a paper where we could rant about any thing for an essay

Showed how fun writing could be.

Writing it, getting back grade, getting excited about topic

Paper I write in 3rd grade (VERY creative)

It was creative to the point of why am I reading this, but showed how childish and fun writing can be

finding it years later, writing it, the pictures

When I completely failed a paper in 7th

I missed the whole topic and misread it. It was just really bad and I thought it was good. I was REALLY excited about it, but it turned out really bad.

writing the paper, being excited about it, the out come of getting it back and how I felt about it.

Read Magic Tree house books in 2nd grade

It made me love reading, I was always reading a book

wake up early in the morning, to read and stay up really late