A One-Hour Pilot

Written By

David Harper & Anna Borchert

Segment 1

A terror attack on Los Angeles sets the story in motion

Segment 2

Emergency services and federal agents swarm the site. Trip is carted away on an ambulance

Segment 3

At the Bottomless Pit Bar, Luc and Mikeala have a tense discussion about who might be behind the attack. We get the impression they know more than a bartender and waitress normally would

Segment 4

Jake and Amber arrive at the hospital, rushing in to find Trip. Numa is already there.

Segment 5

Jake in the room with Trip. Trip tells Jake that Richie is dead. He also tells Jake to work the bar. Jake wants to stay with his father, but Trip insists. “I need you at the bar. I want to know who comes and who goes. And I want to know what Luc is up to.”

Segment 6

While Jake is in with Trip, Numa and Amber have a frank discussion i which Amber gets her marching orders

Segment 7

Jake, Numa, and Amber back in the waiting area. Jake is confused as to why Trip wants him at the bar. Numa’s support for the idea only confuses him further. What does the bar have to do with it?

Segment 8

Jake and Amber leaving the hospital, outside. A kiss, and they part. Follow Amber who pulls out her phone. “It’s me. No, she doesn’t know. But we may have a problem with Jake.”

Segment 9

The other side of the conversation. An immaculately dressed elderly man on the phone. “See that it isn’t a problem.” And he hangs up. He dials another number. “I may have another job for you.”

Segment 10

Numa enters Trip’s room. Trip is not pleased. “I’m not bringing him in.”
“You don’t have a choice. It stays in the family, that was the agreement.”

Segment 11

The Bottomless Pit Bar. Essentially the same scenes we have written with Jake and Numa, then Luc and Numa.

Segment 12

A cable news interview with Amber. She is acting as spokesperson for Medfinity. We see the interview from inside the studio, and we see that Jake is there watching.

Segment 13

Post interview, Jake and Amber headed out. “Any word on your dad?”
“He’s getting out tomorrow. I’ll pick him up and bring him straight to the funeral.”
Does Amber want to grab lunch? She can’t. This attack has them in shambles. She has to be on it.

Segment 14

Amber in her car, on the phone. Telling someone Trip will be out tomorrow, and giving details of the funeral.

Segment 15

The other end of the conversation. This time it’s a suit in a police station. The Los Angeles Chief of Police. He thanks her for the info and then hangs up. We follow him to:

Segment 16

This is the scene where the feds are looking at videos of the attack online. Still photos of the area from tourists and selfies, some indie filmmakers having caught the whole thing in the background as they were shooting guerrilla style, random cell phone videos of the post explosion scene. This is where they discover the little girl and realize this might have been a more targeted attack than just LA.

Segment 17

Jake and Trip in the car, going to the funeral. This is where Trip reveals to Jake that there are certain “proprietary technologies” that may have led to them being targeted in this attack. Jake wants to know more, but Trip insists that they’ll have to discuss it later, after some paperwork is handled between Jake and the Medfinity attorneys.

Segment 18

This is the funeral scene, leading up to Numa seeing the girl.

Segment 19

This is the scene where Mikeala gets her marching orders. We can eliminate the bit with Amber because we’ve already established her relationship with Numa. In fact, we may even not have Amber there, and subtly call attention to that fact.

Segment 20

Here we see that Trip is in a wheelchair. Jake is pushing it out of the church when they are approached by federal agents. They question Trip briefly, an odd place for questioning but as they explain, they have to move quickly on something like this.

Segment 21

This is the scene with the little girl at the park with the old man.

Segment 22

Trip and Jake at the car, after talking with the feds. Jake wants to know wtf - why did Trip lie to the feds? He clearly told Jake that he thought they could have been specifically targeted, but told the feds he had no idea why anyone would target them.

Segment 23

This is the montage with Mikeala rounding up the troops.

Segment 24

I’d like to have another Amber scene here. I don’t know what it is.

Segment 25

The scene with Luc and Jake exiting the bar. Also the scene where Mikeala shows up.

Segment 26

The scene wherein Jake is followed, speaks with the police, then goes home.

Segment 27

The scene wherein Jake speaks with Trip, who has his driver coming around to take him … somewhere. And Jake has the guys tail him.

Segment 28

Wherein Jake and the Homeless Guy interact, and Numa intercedes.

Segment 29

The meeting scene, which is dismissed so Trip and Numa can speak with Jake.

Segment 30

The brief cutaway where everyone is exiting the bar, and we see the little girl going under the SUV.

Segment 31

Wherein Jake finds the (truth?) about what’s going on, and declares himself officially uninvolved.

Segment 32

The exploding SUV and the subsequent “Hey Jakey!”