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8 Key Differences between eDiscovery and Information Governance

We provide data mining, analytics, document collection and visualization, and hosting solutions for businesses and government agencies as well. For more information on these topics and other information, visit the Proteus Discovery website and blog or contact us.

5 Challenges for Growing ALSPs

eDiscovery ALSPs face growth challenges including overhead costs, sensitivity to case matter, a competitive landscape for talent, and more.

Tips to keep in mind before hiring a lawyer

Before hiring a professional do a little research on your part (for example, how many cases have you won if you have experience handling cases like legal document analysis, your reputation, etc.

What is the Real Cost of Manual eDiscovery?

Screening ediscovery companies can be a difficult task. As a load of problem cases and the size of the problem increases, the importance of the decision may require more stakeholders to play a role in the selection process. As one of the top ediscovery vendors, we have seen many approaches to choosing a legal vendor.

Do you know what a document review attorney actually does?

If you are considering legal review services, you should be aware that they are like other tasks. If an event is interesting or you can figure out a way to keep people around you entertained or busy, it can be fun. For many lawyers, this type of role offers incredible flexibility, the ability to earn consistent cash, and the opportunity to meet new people.

Proteus Blog | Information Governance and eDiscovery

Get the latest articles and blogs from our experts and read about Information governance, eDiscovery, and Document Review | Proteus Blog.

ESI Management, Legal Services and eDiscovery Advocates | Proteus

Our founders and directors are practicing, litigating attorneys who face judges and juries every day. We understand the importance of eDiscovery.

What is Ediscovery’s cooperation and what are its rules and procedures?

Ediscovery cooperation is the process of working with the other parties to exchange relevant and proportionate information that will help the court decide the issue of the dispute. For more information, you may contact ediscovery vendors in your country.

The Role of a Litigation Support Professional 2021

Litigation support professionals help attorneys manage large-scale litigation. They design and implement databases to manage, order, index, summarize and coordinate the large volumes of data produced in major litigation, particularly in preparation for trial.

What is eDiscovery Used For?

eDiscovery is the discovery in legal proceedings sought in electronic format such as email, documents, presentations, database, voicemail, etc. Any legal proceedings such as government investigations, litigations, or freedom of information act requests, etc can be used in electronic format. We at Proteus have a properly configured eDiscovery which allows us to immediately place a hold on data when requested by the court or any other regulatory authorities.

Why hire a Litigation Support Specialist?

If you’re looking for a reliable litigation support company, look no further than Proteus Discovery Group. We are an ISO 9001: 2008 certified outsourcing company that provides assistance to lawyers around the world. For more information, call + 1 317-559-3577.

Biggest Data Breach Threat: Your Employees

The weakest link in the cybersecurity chain is a corporation’s employees. This post discusses BYOD, collaboration software, WiFi networks, and more.

What you need to know about Electronically Stored Information (ESI)

Want to know more? Call 131 7559 3577 and talk about ESI management and eDiscovery features.

Case Law: Giant of Maryland v. Webb

This case review of Giant of Maryland LLC v. Webb examines potential spoliation of surveillance camera evidence.

Information Governance, its strategies & compliances

Every step of strategy development guidance is backed by expert advice from a leading authority in a particular field. It is quite important that the Information Governance strategy must cover legal demands and external regulatory requirements as well as internal governance objectives.

What is Information Governance and why is it so valuable?

Information governance creates tremendous value and benefits, especially with the development of data warehouses and increased regulatory oversight. Designing and implementing an effective information governance strategy enables your organization to mitigate cyber risk, ensure data availability, control costs, and meet regulatory challenges. Get started today, before your organization experiences a breach, fails an audit, or faces a lawsuit.

Critical Considerations for Document Review Projects

This post explores best practices for affordable, defensible eDiscovery document review. Proteus focuses on St. Louis, Detroit, Cincinnati, and more.

The Case for Outsourcing

Outsourcing some eDiscovery functions makes financial and operational sense and allows corporate legal teams to focus on protecting the business.

Outsourcing of Legal document analysis and management services

Over the years, Proteus Discovery has worked with customers around the world to provide the highest quality document review services at a cost-effective rate. Our lawyers and legal professionals are from the best law schools and utilize the tools we offer to maximize customer satisfaction.

Ray Featured on EDRM’s Illumination Zone Podcast

Proteus CEO Ray Biederman joined EDRM’s Illumination Zone podcast to discuss his career path and the founding of MBCB, Proteus, and DiscoveryMaster.

Document Retention Policy – Best Practices

With the stated benefits, the DRP establishes and describes the management of records in a physical as well as electronic format. Also, locating key documents when they are needed is easier and more efficient comes under Document Retention Policy.

Electronic Discovery: The Trending Importance

Electronic discovery or e-discovery or e-discovery all refers to one and can be explained as to any process in which electronic data is required, scrutinized with the aim of using it as evidence in any litigation, which could be any civil or criminal. It has the flexibility to be carried out offline on a particular computer or on any network. Court-ordered for the purpose of obtaining critical evidence is also a type of ediscovery.

eDiscovery Essentials for Business, IT, and Legal Leaders

In case you’re searching for a speedy method to get overpowered and debilitate, google “ediscovery” or “ediscovery assets.”


The Information Governance Policies and Procedures covers all staff that create, store, share and dispose of information. It sets out the procedures for sharing information with stakeholders, partners and suppliers. It concerns the management of all paper and electronic information and its associated systems within the organisation that affects its regulatory and legal obligations.

Legal Review Services – Avoid Faulty Lines In Your Legal Documents And Get Your Project Straight

The main goal is to asset default and then exercise remedies under loan documents. The expert can also help to settle the loan well. For that, addressing the best legal services is always a noted value to follow.

What is e-discovery and what are the various stages of e-discovery?

Working with ediscovery providers that can be flexible and can staff up or down to support a variety of eDiscovery challenges is the key to a successful discovery process.

The 5 Most Important Criteria For Choosing An eDiscovery Service Provider

These five key points should give you a good idea of what to consider in an ediscovery company and allow you to question and understand your service provider. Demand clear, direct and logical answers from your service provider.

7 steps to effective information governance strategies

At the end of the day, an effective information governance plan requires that people buy into the system and maintain the processes. If you can keep things simple, you will be more likely to create consistency and continuity.

What are the different types of data breaches and how can you protect yourself?

To start protecting you and your business from a data breach, give us a call at 317-559-3577, select our online chat, or fill out the form to your right for free quotes on any of our document destruction services.

The Six Pillars of a Successful Managed Services Relationship

Access to and expertise in relevant technology, flexible staffing models, lower overheads, and simplified pricing are the six pillars of a successful managed services partnership in an ediscovery company environment. When these six pillars are in place, the managed services partnership will result in more satisfied internal and external law firm clients and increased caseload year over year.

5 Ways to Improve Your Document Review Process

Proteus provides the complete package, a membership includes 24/7 assistance. Proteus gives the peace of mind that comes with knowing processes will not be halted if technological difficulties happen, which is especially important during this time when working circumstances are unclear.

Why are Court Litigation Support Companies Important for Law Firms?


The Proteus Discovery litigation assistance service assists with a variety of duties, including courtroom presentations and witness kits. It also frees up the legal team’s time to focus on strategy by delivering accurate and timely reports during complex procedures.

What exactly is GRC, and why do you require it?

GRC is the acronym that stands for Governance, Risk, and Compliance; refers to the coordination of people, processes, and technologies involved in each of these areas in a company. The goal of GRC is to improve insight into a company’s risk posture.

Understanding the Process of Legal Document Review

With a dynamic and centralized document review process intended to sift important papers in seconds, Proteus Discovery’s digital contracting platform can expedite your organization. Sign up for a free demo to see for yourself.

Best Practices for Implementing an Effective Information Governance Strategy

Check out information security governance risk and compliance for a different viewpoint on how to get started with information governance in your organization.

Why Top Law Firms Seek Third-Party Legal Document Review Services

Legal document review is a critical process in modern-day litigations. Here’s why many top law firms outsource this responsibility to third-party experts.

Understanding ESI and the Importance of Third-Party ESI Management Services

eDiscovery is a sophisticated and time-consuming process. But, proper ESI management is critical in most legal cases of today. Here’s why.

What is information governance and why is it important?

An information governance plan consists of the efficient management of all corporate digital information, thus positioning itself as a powerful generator of insights and the basis for making business decisions.

Data breach: what are the next steps to bounce back?

A good approach to data security is to keep it secure at rest, in transit, and in use. When combined with solutions that emphasize this approach, such as data breach ediscovery security technologies or training programs, adopting a data security perspective can be fundamental to a business.

Why it is necessary to adopt litigation data analysis tools

Litigation analysis helps lawyers manage client expectations by providing clients with information about the estimated cost, duration, and outcome of a lawsuit based on empirical data. Litigation support services increase transparency and shares relevant data to help customers understand litigation strategies at every stage.

What’s the Secret to Choosing Affordable eDiscovery Software for Small Law Firms?

Select multiple files and use the mouse to drag and drop them to another folder. You are used to doing this, but why do you need to learn new ways to do it? The best eDiscovery apps use what you already know.

The Six Pillars of a Successful Managed Services Relationship

Access to and expertise in relevant technology, flexible staffing models, lower overheads, and simplified pricing are the six pillars of a successful managed services partnership in an ediscovery company environment. When these six pillars are in place, the managed services partnership will result in more satisfied internal and external law firm clients and increased caseload year over year.

Top 8 Actionable information governance tips you can implement

Proteus Discovery simplifies the SharePoint experience and improves information governance. Proteus Discovery humanizes the information governance process by bringing all the tools needed for email and simplifying what needs to be done, giving information workers control.

eDiscovery and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating huge amounts of ESI that will impact eDiscovery preservation, collection, and review.

Proteus Discovery Group

Ryan Short

Proteus Discovery Group

Proteus Discovery Group is a legal services and consulting firm specializing in information governance, eDiscovery, and document review. Founded by four practicing litigators who understand the headaches and frustrations of law firm litigators and corporate clients, Proteus is your trusted partner for litigation, regulatory investigations, and data breach analysis.

What you want to be familiar with Electronically Stored Information (ESI)

ESI is a perceived and official lawful term and is fundamentally connected to the eDiscovery cycle. As a matter of fact, from messages and sites to informing and data set records, ESI is the very focus on that eDiscovery needs to find. As the business world turns out to be more digitized, the sum and assortment of ESI created are quickly expanding.

Litigation support services: what to do in the face of a dispute?

The Litigation assistance service is related to all areas of law. Litigation support services are provided by a legal expert to best resolve various legal problems or prevent risks for the company.

eDiscovery Services and Consulting

Legal hold, custodian interviews, forensic collections plus processing, review, and productions in our RelativityOne instance.

6 points to get you started with e-discovery

States are gradually realising how e-discovery varies from traditional standards, and have begun to issue guidelines and procedures for managing the process in recent years. Examine the requirements for your state and county, and determine which characteristics will be most critical to remember when you begin with ediscovery service.

What is a Litigation Hold (or Legal Hold)? Here Are the Basics of Litigation Hold

If the outcome of your case is not favorable (or even if it ends in settlement), litigation holds will help ensure that everything is done properly from start to finish so no one has any reason to worry about potential consequences down the road.

Utilities - eDiscovery Support for Your Industry

We represent multi-national bulk transmission providers in relation to responding to regulatory inquiries from federal regulatory bodies as well as review records retention policies for compliance with varying federal and state regulations.

Death to User Fees

Proteus Discovery Group is the first Relativity partner to eliminate user fees for RelativityOne clients.

Sports Leagues and Associations - Proteus Discovery

We work on major cases including health & safety, sexual violence, and compliance with respect to sport leagues and associations, including collecting, analyzing, reviewing and producing documents that span decades.

What is a Document Retention Policy? Why a Documentation Policy is needed?

A document retention policy helps your organization to maintain the relevant documents and keep the organization safe. Documents are important for legal reasons, financial reasons, regulatory reasons, and business continuity purposes.

Information Governance Consultancy

Looking for a suitable IT provider for your outsourcing or outsourcing project? Looking for a suitable cloud provider? Based on your company structures, we will show you which topics and areas would be particularly suitable and support you in finding the right provider.

What is RelativityOne software and Why Do We Need It in eDiscovery?

RelativityOne is a game-changer. It allows you to find relevant documents quickly and efficiently, while providing transparency into the entire document review process.

EDiscovery: Providers & Companies

eDiscovery companies in the USA are not for weak willed. The power to advance and vanquish new difficulties is consistently present. Just, when the one bunch of issues is settled, the following one is standing by.

What is ediscovery software and what are benefits of using ediscovery software?

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in learning more about or want some help with, contact us today for a free consultation! We look forward to working with you on your eDiscovery needs.

What and How of Litigation Holds

We hope this article has cleared up some of the confusion around litigation holds and helped you understand what they are. It’s important to know your rights as a litigant in order to protect your interests. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Document Retention Policy

The first and principal thought for any Document Retention Policy is to know the time of keeping specific reports. The prescribed procedures of record maintenance strategy for most normal reports will assist with kicking it off and executed for a particular business or association.

What’s In a Name?

Proteus Discovery Group’s name references Greek mythology, Indianapolis author Kurt Vonnegut, and predictive coding used in eDiscovery (Relativity, Reveal)

Law Offices Should Consider Professional Legal Document Services

For that reason we suggest employing a Legal Document Review the board organization - they will set your thoughts in motion and use the fitting wording! Recollect that the sky is the limit, and all you want is somebody who knows how to accomplish it bit by bit.

My Experience Obtaining the CEDS Certification

Don’t expect a question like ‘What is the definition of GDPR?’ Instead, expect something like ‘A multinational company with its main offices in Germany.

5 Things When Choosing an eDiscovery Service Provider

eDiscovery services is seldom precise, mistake free, or simple, so ask eDiscovery organizations how to fix the issue and request documentation about the handling time for the inquiry and issue. Organizations should have the will and capacity to follow specific measurements for satisfactory degrees of administration.

What Is The Legal Document Review Process?

The legal document review process can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can streamline the process and ensure that all of your documents are reviewed thoroughly and efficiently. So don’t delay — get started on your legal review services today!

6 Important Information Governance Best Practices

There are a lot of important best practices to keep in mind when it comes to information governance consulting services. From ensuring that you have the right processes and tools in place to managing access control and data security, these best practices will help you keep your organization’s information safe and secure. Implementing these best information governance strategies can be daunting, but the peace of mind and increased efficiency they provide is worth the effort.

7 Reasons to Implement Information Governance

It is therefore important to define appropriate information governance policy-oriented “flow” and apprehend this future flows according to their nature (data, documents), medium (electronic, paper), value (binding, confidential, patrimonial.

Why is it important to master the document review process?

Document review, in the context of litigation and legal proceedings, is the process by which each party to the proceeding examines, sorts, and analyses all documents, data, and electronic information in their possession to determine which materials are relevant to the proceeding and which should be withheld from production. Most discovery and ediscovery actions are built around this procedure.

eDiscovery, Document Review, Information Governance

We at Proteus broad range of consultative and administrative information governance experience and services paired with smart technologies, Document review, Ediscovery, which help organizations manage, plan, and execute information governance strategies. It is not just an initiative, it is an ongoing effort from multiple perspectives with multiple objectives. Corporate legal teams and law firms rely on us across every stage of the EDRM.

Best Practices for Information Security Governance Risk and Compliance

Information security governance risk and compliance refer to the means of managing information security as well as the means of regulating the security systems put in place in a company to achieve its objectives.

Types Of Legal Review Services To Get Hold Of

These tasks of document review-based legal services are considered to be labor-intensive most of the time. Moreover, it is one expensive part of the entire e-discovery procedure.

Ediscovery-cle Discovery basics and timley topics

eDiscovery 101, Legal Holds, Microsoft O365, eDiscovery Case Law, Defensible Data Breach Response, and more.

Data Governance, its Policies and Procedures

A significant piece of the Information Governance structure should be set and is totally subject to the manner in which association and its workers treat the data and use it.

Why Law Firms Should Consider Professional Legal Document Management Services

we recommend hiring a Legal Document Review management company - they will put your ideas into action and utilize the appropriate terminology! Remember that everything is possible, and all you need is someone who knows how to achieve it step by step.

What are the Features and Benefits of e-Discovery and Legal Hold Solutions?

Proteus Services enables organizations to manage the entire information lifecycle, from creation and secure processing to final destruction.

Tips for Implementing a Document Retention Strategy

The likelihood of developing an effective document retention policy best practices without someone being directly responsible for it is very low. Consider appointing someone to manage this process, or better yet, create an oversight committee to direct the work.

What is ediscovery and what are its advantages?

Organizations can opt for software applications that work together to protect and safeguard information, as well as to comply with the standards established by the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) whose key areas are: collection, conservation, processing, document review, analysis, and production.

7 Reasons to Adopt Information Governance

Information is both a risk factor and a competitive advantage. Things are changing quickly and constantly, and what is valid today probably will not be valid tomorrow.

Privacy Policy - Proteus Discovery Group

Proteus Discovery is dedicated to protecting and preserving the integrity of client relationships and data as highlighted in our online privacy policy.

7 Simple but Effective Ways to Increase Data Protection

Cybersecurity is a must for all companies. Fortunately, the steps necessary to ensure safety can be accomplished in these simple steps. You should consult an expert in data breach investigation, ensuring that you will get the best performance to increase the protection of your data.

What are the Tactics for Hiring eDiscovery vendors?

Legal professionals should do their study before hiring an e-discovery provider because no ediscovery companies are the same. While there are many areas to review before hiring, issues of security, innovation, and efficiency are critical among them.

Information Governance, ESI and Litigation Support Services | Proteus

Contact us for information governance policies and procedures, data breach investigation, and eDiscovery. If you are on tight deadlines, let’s talk.

Information Governance, Risks and Compliance

Our specialist advisers have several years of expertise in the field of information governance compliance. They bring their hands-on experience in all aspects of governance, risk management, and compliance to help you develop policies, tools, and processes and determine which technologies best meet your needs.

Case Studies: eDiscovery - Data Breach - Information Governance

Proteus Discovery Case Studies, Managed Office Services, Cybersecurity, Network Breach, Investigations, Scanning, Business Process Outsourcing.

Media Press and Podcasts Appearances | Proteus Discovery Group

We collected all the best advice for podcast promotion, including tips on how to drive more listens/Read/reviews. 317-559-3577

The Benefits of relying on online Legal Document Analysis Services

Even if the online legal platform already indicates all the information to be filled in a legal document, the advice of a legal expert is still essential. The lawyer is helpful in reviewing the document and making any necessary changes.

The importance of legal support for a business/company

All companies wishing to carry out their interventions are obliged to have recourse to this legal document analysis, for the good of the manager and all the employees. Granted, these are not the most fun parts of it, but it is a key factor in the success of your business.

What are litigation support professionals and how do they work?

Litigation support professionals can earn eDiscovery certification, which shows prospective employers that they have experience and knowledge in critical areas.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing an eDiscovery Service Provider

This is the best and most important method to find eDiscovery vendors. Check the name of the lawyer who hired the provider and asks all the questions you need to know.

Why does information governance become more complex for law firms?

Information governance differs from person to person. When the industry’s leading company, the Information Governance Initiative(IGI), urged association members to help define the term, respondents agreed that there were a variety of activities that fall into the category of IG.

Why should a law firm consider a particular document review service?

Proteus Discovery has emerged as a leader in outsourcing legal support and legal document analysis services to law firms looking for cost reduction and revenue optimization solutions. They have proficient staff and access to the latest software to meet the needs of customers. For more information contact us at +13175593577.

Revolution in Litigation with Litigation Data

The word litigation is usually used to refer to a controversy before the court of law or simply put a lawsuit. The right to litigate or the right to have justice is a part of the constitution of almost every country in the World. In the litigation procedure, the court shall rule within the frames of the claim being filed in the procedure. The court cannot decline a ruling upon a competent claim.

EDiscovery: The most growing law field

EDiscovery is a significant process, which occurs early precisely in the civil litigation matters and involves the exchange of information between the parties which are involved in a lawsuit or some other legal action. eDiscovery has implications including but not limited to several activities like the archival of electronic information, the ability to look at content with relevance, the capability to modify related to content deletion, how to manage storage systems, how corporate policies are developed, and risk management.

Data Retention Policy: Practices & Preservation

Having said this, the important aspect remains to limit the disclosure to any security breaches which are no more surprising, and an organization should be ready to handle it anytime. For this, the best practice would be to institute data retention policies within an organization to be able to retain records for the time duration until when the data need to be retained. The best practices also suggest not to keep data of the old customers which have no potential or negligible value compared to if it gets exposed to theft.

Case Law: Delta T, LLC, d/b/a Big Ass Fans v. David T. Williams, et al

This case review of Delta T, LLC, d/b/a Big Ass Fans v. David T. Williams, et al. examines eDiscovery forensics and balancing concerns of cost and privacy.

Proteus Featured by OnCall Discovery

OnCall Discovery recently published a profile of Proteus Discovery Group, covering our founders’ AmLaw 100 backgrounds and development of DiscoveryMaster.

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eDiscovery Essentials Series: Identification

Identification is the first step in eDiscovery of responding to litigation or investigation. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure govern the process.

Document: Analysis & Review

Document Analysis is an efficient procedure for reviewing documents, be it printed or electronic (computer-based and Internet-transmitted) material. Like other rational methods, document analysis often in research methodologies is required to examine data and interpret to extract meaning, gain understanding, and develop realistic knowledge.

He Said, Tweet Said: Social Media eDiscovery

Parties to litigation are requesting and collecting a wide array of information from various social media apps. Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram images, blog posts, and LinkedIn connections are all popular subjects of modern eDiscovery RFPs.

E-Discovery: The Part of Legal Process

The e-Discovery process is an inevitable part of the larger legal process. Lawyers cannot afford to lag, especially when the consequences can be as severe as a negligence complaint or lower profits.

Information governance, data breach and litigation support | Proteus

We are the specialists industry-leading companies rely on for information governance, data breach and regulatory investigations, due diligence, and litigation.

Information Security Governance Risk and Compliance

The continuously increasing vulnerability of an Information Technology risk specifically Information Security governance risk and compliance has become the major attention in most global information security.

Ray Featured on Consulting Logistics Podcast

Proteus CEO Ray Biederman joined Kyle MacNaught on the Consulting Logistics podcast to discuss information governance and eDiscovery in transportation.

Case Law: Roost Project, LLC v. Andersen Construction Company

The Roost Project, LLC v. Andersen Construction Company case review examines the preservation of ESI (.mpp) and whether spoliation sanctions are justified.

Litigation Data & Services: Outsourcing ensures cost-effectiveness & success

Litigation data, Litigation support, and Litigation services associated go hand in hand. If you are short of skilled people to handle litigation support services. The best advice is to outsource litigation support services to experienced and skilled litigation support service companies.

Case Law: DR Distributors, LLC v 21 Century Smoking, Inc. et al

This case review of DR Distributors, LLC v. 21 Century Smoking, Inc et. al. examines ramifications for ignoring FRCP rules governing eDiscovery.

eDiscovery Service Company | Proteus Discovery

Discovery accounts for about 70% of the cost of litigation; the largest drivers in rising eDiscovery costs are document review and data hosting. Both costs can be targeted if the early phase of litigation is handled appropriately.

Legal Document Review Attorney Process

Document review remains to be among the most expensive and challenging aspects of discovery — particularly in complex and large-scale matters. With constantly growing technologies, modes of communication, continually increasing data types and volumes required significant cross-functional expertise.

Case Law: Measured Wealth Private Client Group, LLC v. Foster, et al

This case review of Measured Wealth Private Client Group, LLC v. Foster, et al. examines forensic collections and deleted messages from mobile devices.

Legal Document Review and Analysis, Discovery Master | Proteus

The best way to reduce document review costs is to not review the document at all. We train review software on a subset of the document corpus so that the software can learn what is relevant, what is privileged, and what needs to be reviewed by human eyes.

ACC Cybersecurity Summit: Employee Training Panel

Proteus Discovery Group recently moderated a panel on Employee Cybersecurity Training for the Association of Corporate Counsel’s Cybersecurity Summit.

Re-introducing Proteus Discovery Group

Proteus Discovery Group is growing to provide eDiscovery services in Detroit, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Louisville, Dayton, Toledo, and more.

Case Law: Energy Keepers, Inc v. Hyperblock LLC

This case review of Energy Keepers, Inc v. Hyperblock LLC examines FRCP Rule 37 (c)(1) and timely disclosure of discovery under Rule 26.

Document Storage Services Indianapolis

Proteus Discovery is a great name in offering document storage services to its clients as well as partners. It has experience of working with players in various industries and jotted the results exceeding their expectations. Proteus are the experts in offering document storage Indianapolis solutions attaining every aspect.

Information Governance Strategies

The Information Governance Strategies identifies that it is almost infeasible to hope to find a single solution for Information Governance. Thanks to the diversity of the information held, it does not lend itself or provides the feasibility of a single solution.

eDiscovery Software for Small Law Firms

Small law firms can find eDiscovery software expensive and overwhelming. This brief guide examines some software providers that serve small law firms.

Types of Legal Services

It is always important that before you begin looking to obtain services from a legal aid organization, you should make sure you qualify. Often, legal aid organizations only take cases from those who make less than a certain amount of money each year.

Information Security Governance Risk and Compliance

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) touches every part of an organization. In doing so, it serves to provide a firm foundation for sound risk intelligence as well as a way forward in complying with new regulations and security controls. Proteus have experience with information security governance risk and compliance, and helped many clients.

Information Governance, its Policies & Procedures

Information Governance (IG) is a broader, richer, and holistic way of dealing with organizational information compared with the traditional management records. The Key aspects are not only limited to the creation of information its use and archiving and destroying but also covers the storage, security of, searching for, metadata, and legal aspects.

EDiscovery: Companies & Providers

The eDiscovery market is growing substantially every year and is attracting a stunning amount of money. eDiscovery companies in USA have been merged, acquired, or received outside investment in 2019 so far and many more coming.

5 Reasons Why Attorneys Should Say Yes to Document Review Work

Document review is usually the most expensive part of discovery, which is the most expensive part of litigation. If you’re looking for a way to supplement your income, increase your technology sophistication, or are considering an alternative career path, let’s talk today.

Industry regulations, data management, and discovery master | Proteus

Proteus provides information governance, eDiscovery, and document review services for banking, financial, and lending institutions, healthcare, and many more.

O, O, It’s Magic (What You Can Do In O365)

Many firms were using O365 before widespread work-from-home, but the shift accelerated adoption. For many firms, going back into the office may not be a reality for a long time – if they return to a physical office at all. And that means these collaboration tools will continue to generate more ESI moving forward.

Data Breach: Investigation & Litigation

If you have discovered a breach and therefore need to take swift and immediate action, or if you are laying the groundwork to effectively respond when a breach does occur, there are resources available to prepare for the potential data breach and hence, the data breach investigation.

Information Governance Stakeholders

Information governance and defensible ESI destruction policies aren’t just for corporate legal departments: business and IT leaders have an important role.

Information Governance: Manage Information Knowledge

The system that helps in directing and controlling the information security activities of a particular organization is information security governance. The Information Governance and Compliance team in any organization delivers information governance and compliance services that cover all relevant aspects of data protection.

Proteus Discovery Group

Our team’s experience cuts across business, IT, and legal functions in multiple industries, and our platform-agnostic approach mean we meet you where you are - we don’t try to fit you into our model. Your trusted partner for information governance, data breach, and regulatory investigations, due diligence, and litigation.

Know More

Legal Services — Proteus Discovery Group

legal services are about seeing much beyond the uncertainty and the risk associated with the risk to uncover the opportunities. The competencies of the legal firms to deliver legal services allow concentrating on the primary business activities.

eDiscovery Unfiltered Survey Results: Key In-House Trends

Commentary on analysis of the eDiscovery market published by Ari Kaplan. This post focuses on in-house eDiscovery and technology and vendor selection.

Information Governance & its plan

The concept of information governance is gaining popularity. Broadly, specialists in the field of enterprise information management seem to accept the value of Information Governance but few are doing anything about it. However, having said this, the gap between Information Governance objectives and corresponding execution in the real world. Information Governance is puzzling and fascinating to a broader audience than just the records and information management (RIM) community.

Data Mapping Basics

Data mapping is the most elementary form of information governance so corporations can defensibly develop data retention and destruction plans.

Proteus Discovery: Consulting partner for all Industrial Legal needs

Proteus Discovery offers services including but not limited to record management & governance, transportation, real estate, healthcare industry standard compliance, mitigating business risk, etc.

Ari Kaplan Interviews Co-Founder and CEO Ray Biederman

Proteus Co-Founder Ray Biederman spoke with Ari Kaplan on the Reinventing Professionals podcast about eDiscovery and legal tech entrepreneurship.

Ray’s Guest Spot on the Fringe Legal Podcast

Proteus CEO Ray Biederman joined Fringe Legal host Abhijat Saraswat to discuss legaltech development and the differences among in-house and outside counsel

Information Governance & its Importance

Having said this, the possibility of sensitive data being compromised, and the valuable data not being used as required remains very high. With all the above issues commonly faced by organizations, the only answer is Information Governance Plan.

Thoughts on Legal Business Development

Sales, marketing, and business development geared to large law firms and corporate legal departments is fraught with discussions about ethics and taste.

Management of Electronically Stored Information (ESI)

ESI management is normally less expensive. Computers and ESI have impacted most sectors of society, from Prosecuting Computer Crimes to Internet available speeches.

Electronically Stored Information & its application

The ESI Principles also promote the prevention or early solution of disputes regarding the discovery of ESI without Court intervention. While parties are persuaded to discuss the Electronically stored Principles concerning individual cases, complying with them, however, is voluntary and not needed by the Court.

Breach Fatigue Is Real

The Swiss Cheese Approach to cybersecurity includes employee messaging, vendor selection, contracts, settings, and more to reduce the risk of data breach.

Information Governance Policies and Procedures | Proteus Discovery

We have information governance experience and services paired with smart technologies, which help organizations manage, plan, and execute information governance strategies.

5 Common Struggles for eDiscovery Project Managers

eDiscovery document review project managers face many challenges. DiscoveryMaster provides clients with progress and budget updates across hosting vendors.