Gmail is the most common free e-mail service that millions around the world use. Billions of messages are sent every day and obtained through Google’s email program. Some of those messages contain sensitive or personal information. It’s also true, sadly, that malicious hacks, identity theft and, password leaks are becoming more frequent.
Here are the six easy steps to secure your account;
1- Go to Setting of Gmail Account
Move to Gmail, and click at the top right of the screen on your profile photo, which will enable the Google toolbar. Select Add your Google Account from there. Each service has its settings and options, but use your Google Account to manage sensitive information such as your password, two-factor authentication, and other personal data. Tap Security on the left side of the page.
2- Fix Security Problem
Google is providing safety tips as part of an attempt to better protect your account. If outstanding issues occur, these will be listed at the top of the Security page of your account. Even if there are no recommendations, press Secure Account at the bottom of the section listed on security problems.That will take you to a summary of the security status of your Google Account. The site uses a traffic light system to alert you to areas where attention is needed. If all six sections are green then you will be able to move to other areas. Otherwise, follow the guidelines listed in each section to enhance your safety with Gmail. Our Gmail PVA accounts are safe and sound that will resolve all your security issues.
3- Update Authentication and Password
Back on the Security page of your Google Account is a review titled Signing in to Google. Here you can see when your login details were last updated, and whether two-factor authentication has been allowed. Changing your password and two factor authentications to a stronger one is good practice, particularly if you reuse passwords.
4- Go to Security Activity
This region has recorded the last Twenty-Eight days of login or access events. Each item displays the event’s device or app, and date. When you open a single case, you can find more information such as the IP address, approximate location and browser.You should be alerted to whether there has been any suspicious activity on your account. Google also has a warning on this page, stating you should follow instructions to protect your account if you see anything that looks suspicious. Buy Gmail accounts to secure your data and sensitive information at a very competitive price.
5- Manage Your All Devices
You may choose to sign out for unused or older devices. They appear in a different list that is called Where you signed. Identifying each one can be a little challenging; for instance, if the operation came from a Windows PC, the log will only display the system name as Windows, rather than anything special.
6- Disable Third-party Applications
You should check the third-party apps with access to the account from the Security settings screen after signing out from the devices. The list is a summary, as with other areas of your account, and you can pick each item to expand the information.You may know the program, but that doesn’t automatically mean you’re expected to leave it intact. Viewing the item lets you see the data that the app is allowed to access. Our Buy PVA Gmail accounts are very strict and safe regarding security issues.Google also alert the user that third-party apps can read your Gmail messages if you allow them.