1. Lens (big blind) picks a focus
  2. Lens makes history (up to two as long as they’re nested)
  3. Other players make history
  4. Lens makes history again
  5. Little blind picks a “Legacy”





Genetic mutation threatens the survival of the human race.

Periods (light/dark)

Events (light/dark)


  1. pose a question
  2. set the stage
  3. specify characters that are definitely in the scene / that are definitely not in the scene
  4. everyone picks a character to play

The Golden Age (light)

The earth has undergone a medical golden age where life expectancy is at an all-time high and advancements in medicine have enabled humans to survive most disease and extend their lifespans

The 12 Colonies (light)

The “government” funds an experiment to occupy and terraform 12 nearby planets by sending self-navigating / remote controlled, self-sustaining, un-staffed ships. Two of these planets are NX-17 and NX-18 (whose corresponding computer-powered ships are the Alexandria and the Serapeum).

Technological Decline (dark)

With the explosion of genetic engineering, problems of daily life are increasingly solved with biological means, rather than digital. Much knowledge is lost as humanity adapts to this new way of life.

Birth of the Bionet (light)

With biological matter in full control of humanity, the tendrils of Bionet grow quickly and confidently to cover the surface of the Earth, ushering in a new era of rich brain-to-brain communication between those privileged enough to have modifications letting them plug in.

Adoption of the Bionet

The first 1,000 people are selected to join the bionet and among them are politicians and wealthy, empowered individuals.

The Supplanting of the Internet (dark)

The Internet is retired in favor of the Bionet

Why is the Internet backbone being decommissioned? (dark)

Georgia Holmes (Ariel), Meghan Delanus (Mek), and Jojo Mori (Arya) are at their place of employment sitting in front of a terminal to deactivate the Internet backbone.

Reveal thoughts

Georgia Holmes (@ariel)

Jojo Mori (@arya)

Meghan Delanus (@mek)


Supposedly, it’s no longer cost effective to run the shim enabling the Internet to interoperate with Bionet since most of the high profile, paying users have already moved off the Internet to using the Bionet. But JoJo’s motives may not be so cut-and-dry.

This decisions endangers the lives of vulnerable people who don’t have access to Bionet / capital.

The last Digital colony (light)

Skeptical and traditionalist Bionet holdouts form a colony in Alexandria, Australia to preserve humanity’s history, knowledge and culture in the internet archives.

What happened to Meghan Delanus?

Set the stage:

Jojo needs help import valuable digital goods into the Bionet, but few people are qualified. Meghan could help, but she is nowhere to be found in the Bionet… Maybe she can be found in the new colony of Alexandria, Australia


Jojo Mori

Reveal thoughts:

Jojo: Maybe I can find Meghan. After we decomissioned the interop layer, our company went under (cost of maintaining the interop layer bankrupted Intertek - they were too late) when our competitors became the primary Bionet provider.


Jojo has just arrived by ship to the Port of Alexandria, but the port isn’t on the water; Jojo is trying to access the old internet through a physical port.

Customs officer: “COMPUTER PLEASE.” in order to scan Jojo’s computer before granting access. Standard procedure. “As you know, in order to enter Alexandria, you must grant access and allow us to scan your drive. Failure to comply will cause deportation from the port. If our checks succeed, you will enter quarantine in order to ensure no Bionet malware is with you. For 2 weeks we will provide you food, water shelter. The internet will be made available to yo uwith full and complete monitoring during this time. Is that understood?”

Jojo: “yes”

Upon scanning, an alert immediately appears on the officer’s terminal.

Customs officer: “You’be been selected for additional processing. They go to consult other officials while Jojo is detained in a Port office.”

The customs officer returns with their superior to question Jojo.

Superior: “I see here the remnants of a very sophisticated sharing a signature with Intertek software. Can you explain how the software of the company who decomissioned our internet ended up on your computer?”

Jojo: “I was one of the insurgents at Intertek trying to prevent the downfall of the interop layer.”

Superior: “Interestin. Wut kin u tell us ‘bout that? How kin u proov that?”

Jojo: “In a last-ditch attempt to save the interop layer, I entered a piece of code into the Internet as a means to preserve it before the interop was destroyed.” In reality, Jojo had stolen data from Goergia Holmes’ computer.

the Superior officer shows the files bearing Georgia’s signature to Meghan, who is in the back room, and in shock that Georgia ever cared about saving the Internet.

Which planet has the last Digital Colony been backed-up within? (light)

Set the stage:

Jojo is still in the detention of Alexandrian customs. Meghan is on the line with Georgia, who has agreed to help her back up the Internet on the “remote storage” of a different planet which was created with the intention of helping terraform the same. The problem is, Georgia and Meghan don’t know which planet it is. They’re locked in a race against time, trying to triangulate the location of the planet, as Jojo is hot on their trail. The future of the Internet lies in the balance.


Georgia Holmes
Meghan Delanus
Jojo Mori

Reveal Thoughts:

Blockheadicus (@arya) (Superior of Alexandrian customs):

Meghan Delanus (@ariel):

Georgia Holmes (@mek):


Georgia: What’s going on? talk to me

Meghan: we have problems here on Alexandria. We need to backup the Internet. 4 of the old colonies have old infrastructure and weren’t converted to Bionet compatible. We have the infra to back them up, but Jojo from Intertek is here. I don’t know what he wants, but we may be able to use him to our advantage and learn where the “remote storage” is

Goergia: Meghan, it will all be ruined if peope discover there’s an existing copy of the Internet.

Meghan: Why?

Georgia: if someone gets ahold of it, they could compromise the entire effort of Alexandria. And kill millions - including my parents!

Meghan: But how? The old internet is disconnected, but why are they at risk?

Meghan: Then how could you push the button? How could you turn off the Interop knowing that?

Georgia: I thought we had a contingency plan! My parents were in line for joining the Bionet since I have Intertek approval. At least that’s what Jojo promised

Blokkedicus: Uhh, the detainee is bein’ a trouble. Want me to do something?

Georgia: what’s happening over there? I can barely hear

Meghan: Focus. Which of the planets is our best candidate

Georgia: we can look at their activity history. Maybe if we do packet inspection we can triangulate our target planet

Meghan: Good idea! Looks like only 2 of them have connections: Serapeum, Alexandria

Georgia: A planet called Alexandria? Well that’s downright suspicious.

Meghan: At least that’s the hostname they gave…

Blokkedicus: Accordin’ to Alexandrian law, we can only detain “Georgia” for 24 more hours. If you got bizness with ‘er you best get to bisnessin’

Meghan: Looks like NX-17 is the only place accepting connections. Looks like some kind of storage device. It’s the only server that seems suitable of these two. I think this is it

Speciation (dark)

With the advent genetic engineering, humanity gains control over their species, but trades away their kinship.

Looking for Planet Alexandria (light)

Proponents of the Bionet have pushed Alexandria into a corner. The digital history of the world is threatened. Faced with immense pressure, Alexandrians attempt to find a home outside of Earth.

How do the Alexandrians discover that the Bio Engine is under development? (dark)

Set the Stage:

George Holmes, a senior employee of Biotek, and heavily modified human, confronts his mom in the Bionet upon discovering her cache of bio-documents plainly revealing her secret past as an Alexandrian. Jamus, George’s schoolmate and childhood best friend, is there to offer emotional support.


A very old Georgia Holmes
George Holmes

Reveal thoughts:

Georgia (@mek):

George (@ariel):

Jamus Firstborn (@arya):


The first documented new species (dark)

Try as they might, Ultimax Delanus and Norberry Sherbet are unable to conceive a child, an incident nearly unthinkable since the Medical Revolution. Scientists around the world study the phenomenon, and eventually learn that, at least for these two, it’s impossible…

George reconsiders his life choices

In light of all that he has learned about his past, and his mother’s, George sincerely wonders if history will be on the side of Biotek. Caught between an idealistic past and a promising future, he’s faced with difficult choices.

George Holmes powers the bio engine (dark)

Off-hours, George attempts to ignite the bio engine. He’s a little short on bio material, so in a last-ditch attempt, resorts to using himself as the solvent.

Unintended Mutations (dark)

Humans in the Bionet begin to unpredictably experience detrimental mutations which may in cases threaten their livelihood, kinship, etc.

Oh, The Humanatee! (light)

Successful tuna fish, manatee, human grafting made human-like life underwater possible. It is the first popular and growing subspecies of human due to practical benefits of more space in the ocean for a claustrophobic land.

Space Era (light)

Explosion of fast and cheap space bio-technology propels humanity to moon and beyond.

The Bio Engine is developed

From a medical research laboratory deep in the Sierras, a new technology emerges: an engine capable of space flight, based entirely on living biological matter.

Finding Holmes (the Mutant)

A bounty hunter names Jamus Firstborn searches for a mutant named George Holmes to prevent them from leaving earth.

The Era of Red Sun (dark)

Humanity splits into countless sub-species in contest for the limited resources of the earth