A Complete Guide To Register Foreign Company In India

The registration of a foreign company in India is an easy task only when you know the procedure. It can be a task when you are unfamiliar with the process. Before investing in India, one needs to establish the company’s legal presence as a foreign company first. But before that, one must decide whether their entity needs to be commercial or not.

How does registration take place?

The pvt ltd company registration
in India comes under the Companies Act 2013.
The Ministry of Corporate Affairs checks the compliance and all formalities through their e-portal.
Every foreign company or private limited company registering must deliver their list of directors and secretaries to the registrar within thirty days of their establishment.
A foreign company has to submit documents under the provision of sub-section(1) of section 380 along with a registrar Form FC-1 with the required fee to the registrar.
The application for the company should be supported by the Reserve Bank of India under Foreign Exchange Management Act and from other regulators as well (if any).
To establish a place for business in India, the company should send its approval to government officials. However, if you have any authorized representatives, your approval is not required.
Nonetheless, the foreign company must file the Form FC-2 if there is a case of alteration to the document to the registrar under the same section 380.

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