The copycat version of the LED light belt will be due to cost savings, and the use of recycling reel, and then no anti-static moisture-proof packaging bag, a careful look at the reel can be seen on the appearance of the removal of labels left traces and scratches. See the label. Regular LED lights with packaging bags and reel will have printed labels, rather than printed labels. The label of the copycat version is printed, and the specifications and parameters are not uniform. See the attachment. Regular LED light belt will be attached in the packing box with instructions and specifications of the light belt, but also equipped with LED light belt connector or card holder.

5161BB LED 5161BB 12-segment 5161AB display 5161AB

Foreign consumers are willing to accept LED energy-saving lamps. In addition to the high price of LED in China compared with other energy-saving lamp products, the product lacks core technology and single product line. There is no overall LED solution dedicated to household lighting in the market, and the lack of more household series products also affects its development in the domestic market. Poor consumer awareness, China, as the world’s largest producer of lighting appliances and the second largest exporter.

Common-Cathode CC 8106AH 7-Segment digit 8106AH LED Common-Anode CA 8106BH Display 8106BH 0.80 inch
Common-Cathode CC 8016AS 7-Segment digit 8016AS LED Common-Anode CA 8016BS Display 8016BS 0.80 inch

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