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How to Reset Linksys Velop? | Linksys Velop Login

Resetting your Linksys Velop reverts it back to the state when you first took it out of the box. This means that by resetting your node, all the settings that you have customized such as the Wi-Fi name, passwords, and security type will be erased and would need to be configured again.

NOTE: Before resetting the node, make sure that the node completely boots up showing a purple light or blue light (if the node has been previously set up). Attempting to factory reset the node immediately after power cycling will not work so you must wait for a purple or blue light to show up before factory resetting the node.

Step 1: Make sure that your parent node is connected to a power source and turned ON

Step 2: Press and hold the reset button at the bottom of the device. The light on top of the parent node will turn red and fade in three pulses. Do not release the button until the light goes out and then turns bright red.

Step 3:Once you’re done resetting the parent node, perform the same steps above on each child node.

Step 4:When you’ve successfully reset all your nodes, you should now be ready to set up your parent node and child nodes again.

Step 5:After you’re done setting up all your nodes, check if everything has been added to your Velop network by going to Network Administration. To access this page from the dashboard, tap the menu User-added image icon then tap Network Administration.

You have now restarted your Velop system. Your devices will disconnect from the Velop, but they will reconnect automatically once the node is ready and the devices have found the network.

With that, the process of Linksys Velop node reset is complete and now, you can enjoy fast and seamless internet in that part of the house where that non-functional node was present because it will now work smoothly.

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