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University of Tartu

Is it possible to upload anything?

I was wondering too

Disadvantages: not really handy, time statements missing, strangely organized, rather confusing, a possible systematic not to see for me

So I work on (note to self): Editing and version control, real-time co-authoring and chat, notifications: The whole management of this platform is not really convenient. At first, it did not really become clear where the actual writing platform is and how one could contribute. I had then invited my co-writers to this workspace. They accepted the invitation but I feel that I was not really informed properly. Here I had wished for a notification such as: “XY has now entered the workspace. Start collaborating!”. Instead there was some tiny confusing hint in the bottom left corner that I could not identify as a proper note. Moreover, I find it kind of hard to control the flow of messages. Everyone can basically leave notes and comments everywhere and therefore it is rather confusing than helpful. The basic idea, however, is good. That one can open up different chats to different topics. Since we have opened up several ones, we can discuss about things separately. However what is clearly lacking is a means of really notifying the other participants about someone’s contributing to a single topic. Neither on this page nor via email can I get an information on further writing progress of my co-authors. This is really unlucky. And if you then take into consideration my criticism of the complexity of this tool then you can easily understand how unhappy I was with working with Gingko.

What is this thing good for?

Very confusing.

I guess it is good for discussing things but overly complex.

This discussion forum reminds me of group chats. But this one is not really handy

Invisible mouseover options are very confusing and completely obsolete. True!

Using this makes me feel something like this

Not user-friendly at all, it seems.

The interface is incredibly clumsy. Me as a new user would never spend more than 5 seconds on this site.

Adding media like pictures or videos does not seem possible at all, not atleast in this format of things.

I belive that putting time and effort in this site might yield some results but the time spent is probably too high to get anything worthy back.

as frustrating as road conditions in russia:

Doesn’t show who and when has edited or added a new card.

The timeline could be helpful if you would want to make appointments for meeting or so within the work group

The edits appear in real time.

Assignment: Martin Vooder

Gingko is free unless one uses more than 100 cards a month. If bigger capacity is needed then it costs 4.99 dollars a month of 49 dollars a year. Considering that most software is completely free then I find it expensive considering the service is incredibly uncomfortable to use.
The whole operation is managed by two people – a man and a woman. Considering the functionality of the site will repel most of the users who stumble upon on it, I find that it will probably be fine.
The site has something called LaTeX, I have no idea what it actually does but it seemed to enable the movement between the slides with arrow keys.
The site also has a backup function for your unfinished and finished projects. I guess it is handy but a lot of major sites already automatically back up their files so it seems a tad bit redundant.

Kristiina Kams

I focused on file management, import and export. The Gingko App gives you an option to insert images by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+I. It seems that images are the only files you can upload. There is no button for uploading other kinds of files. I tried uploading a file using the image uploading feature and it kind of worked. Instead of an image, it displayed the broken image icon, nothing else. But if you click on the editing button it also displays a link and if you Copy and Paste the link into your browser the file is downloaded to your computer. Basically, it is possible to upload files, but it is very inconvenient and requires that you have Internet access for it to work. Also, I’m not sure if others can edit the cards you have made, so they wouldn’t even be able to access the link anyway.
There is, however, a button for exporting your tree. If you click on the Export button (under Settings), it gives you a wide range of options. You can choose the format. For example, you can save your tree as a formatted text (html), as a Word document (docx), as a structured text (json), etc. You can also choose if you want to save a part of your tree or the whole thing. The export part of this app seems very convenient and practical.
All in all, even though the export part is very good, it definitely lacks in the import department. Considering that this is an app that claims to be great for organizing, it should give you an option to upload files.