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The most common and typical remote control and telemetry systems include: industrial automation, oilfield data acquisition, hydrological and hydrological regime measurement and reporting system (i.e. River Basin flood control monitoring system), tap water pipe network wireless RXB10 monitoring system, railway signal monitoring system, heating network monitoring system, oil and gas pipeline network monitoring system, GPS positioning system, seismic measurement and reporting system, UAV system, environmental monitoring system and other automation systems. The common wireless RXB10 modules in the market can be divided into three categories: ASK Superheterodyne module, which is mainly used for simple remote control and data transmission; wireless transceiver module, which is mainly used to control wireless transceiver data through MCU, generally FSK and GFSK modulation mode.

Wireless data module development in China
Wireless remote control and telemetry system
RF Wireless module applications and categories
Receiver module operating frequency
Low-power wireless module with multiple channel options
Communication combination of the wireless module
RF receiver output power and current