Brown V. Board of Education

-Juan Williams is a senior correspondent for National Public Radio and a political analyst for Fox News Channel.
-Could effect his viewpoint because he generally has to keep a popular opinion to keep a good public view on himself
-Believes not every child in America has equal opportunity to attend free public school
-Successful in using facts to support opinion however with the author’s credibility more personal opinion should have been utilized and over 50 sources are cited for one page of writing
-Heavy facts but never fully understand author’s viewpoint, facts are good but never analyzed

-Writing towards an audience who relies on heavy facts, most people reading this article probably already agree with his opinion
-Author is looking for action and recognition of a problem that still exists
-Doesn’t discuss a ton about Brown v. Board of Education so prior understanding for most is necessary
-Author didn’t get into a ton because audience generally already has an opinion if they are reading this

-I have always been in more privileged 95% white schools so I have never really seen the issues discussed in the article
-More specific facts of specific schools and such to show how bad of a problem it really is rather than generalization

-Most sources I have ever seen in this short of a paper
-Good utilization of facts from sources
-Sources are appropriate and credible
-Probably to many sources

-No pathos
-Author is credible
-Little logos

Strength of argument:
-Argument is clear
-Argument is not super strong but I support it
-Argument is supported with lots of evidence