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When it was raining outside, I was bored, and had nothing to do.

This event forced me to read because i was really bored and had nothing else to do. The book i was reading at that time was Harry-Potter, and it had convinced me that books can be fun to read, and interesting. This event pushed me to read more and more in the future, because I had realized just how fun and entertaining a book can be.

It was raining outside.
I was sitting on the couch
I was holding a harry potter Book

My First Research Paper

I did my first “research” paper in second grade. It was about chemical reactions. I was doing it for the science fair. While doing this research paper i learned it was fun to read about new material, and interesting to learn new stuff. I had also realized at this time that it could help me win my science fairs.

I was sitting in the classroom. I was surrounded by poster boards. I was sitting in my laptop. I was eating a slice of pizza.

My parents made me first start

My parents first made me start reading. After i had read about 2 books, i realized the books can be interesting and fun to read.

In my bed. It was night time.


My tutor first introduced to me to writing.

She made me write one of my first papers. I believe that it was on the comparison of two different books. By doing this paper i realized how i was no longer thinking about that moment anymore, and i was forgetting the issues of that time. It showed me that i could write to “get away”.

My tutor and me at a desk. It was afternoon.