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Sandpals For Making Sand Castle

Locate a flat surface on which to construct your fortress. Remove any stones or shells from the sand. Fill the Sandpals mould halfway with damp sand and pack it firmly to create an ideal brick. Push the form out with your thumbs on the back of the mould.

To increase the height of your castle or to build up the sides, the simplest option is to use wet sand in Sand Pals to create brick-like shapes and add to them. Bear in mind that wet sand is critical to the stability of your castle! Your primary structure should be thin at the top and broad at the base. That might work great if you imagined the shape of a megaphone. 

The more solid your base, the more accessible your work of art will be. Building walls will require some creativity and patience! To build walls properly, take one Sandpal of wet sand at a time, press out any excess water, and form it to the desired shape. You can also explore creating arches and staircases in the same way. By spraying your work, you can keep it moist and prevent it from disintegrating. There are various excellent websites online where you may find additional tips and even fantastic images. You can construct anything your imagination can dream up.