Potential Topics

Why it Matters

Vivid Scene Ideas


Tutor for first grade
My first Research paper
The Struggles of Reading

Tutoring in the first grade

How she taught me the knowledge
Her name/ were she taught
How she improved reading skills

My first research paper

How I did the research
Sources that I had to read for the research paper
Sources I had to read on how to write a research paper
peer reading others research paper

the struggles of reading

How my parents used my own competitive nature against me
How being challenged by my parents drove me away from reading


Writing my first research papers
first learning to write
Grammar and me

Writing my first research paper

The different methods of writing used in the paper
The different approaches of peer review
The different abilities of what you could write base on the subject

First learning to write

The struggles of punctuation
The struggles of spelling
The struggles of the (run-on sentence)

Grammar and Me

My ability to mess the simple things up
My inability to figure out certain basic. Principals of a sentence

Both / Other