Security Patrol Services | AGS Security

Whether you want security patrol services, a team of guards to defend the premises, or a security officer for any event, contact American Global Security and hire a security agent according to your requirements. Previously, security guards were primarily recruited to defend commercial buildings; however, many customers are now hiring guards for a variety of purposes, including personal events, concierge, traffic officers, bike patrols, customer service, first aid staff, and fire watch. A security guard is typically seen at the front desk of a greater residential or business tower in California, and they are recruited not only to safeguard the building but also to give customer care to the residents or renters and professionally resolve any concerns. While stationed at the desk, they also watch the CCTV and door alarms to ensure that no illegal persons enter the building through any of the entrances. Delivering magazines to the suites in the early morning is one of the responsibilities. They monitor the building’s exterior, parkade, and inspect the mechanical, elevator, and electrical rooms for any water leaks or fires on a regular basis. For more info about security services in Los Angeles visit our website.