What is SEM?

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. The main difference between SEM and SEO is that SEM is a paid strategy and SEO is an organic strategy.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads, AKA Google AdWords, is Google’s advertising system in which advertisers bid on certain keywords in order for their clickable ads to appear in Google’s search results.


How does Google Ads work in detail?

So, you don’t need to adjust bid of each keywords or how, why, when to adjust bidding.

Google’s machine learning automatically adjusts bids to maximise performance based on advertising goals. Sometimes, it’s better to manually adjust but you don’t need to learn that now.

All you need to do is set your daily, campaign, or keyword budget, and then Google bid on behalf of you.

Google automatically prioritise your top performer

So, you don’t need to measure and rewrite (so much). Just write many headers and description, and Google will automatically advertise your winning combination of them.

But nobody knows exactly what are criteria and how their AI or algorithm evaluates your ads.
Google recommends 2 things.

  1. High Relevancy among target keywords, landing page, and ad texts. (I will explain that later)
  2. Great user experience = high CTR?

Google target relevant search terms of your target keywords

Search “Gogle” and “Gooogle”. Google is smart enough to know that you meant “Google”.

Google Ads works the same way. Google Ads automatically target similar terms and relevant terms. For example, if you target “women shoes”, Google also bids on “women shose”, “girl shoes”, “women boots”, ladys shoes” etc.

You can manually configure this by changing match types but that’s super complicated.

What are good ads?

What are good ads for Google?
What are good ads for people?

Relevancy among target keywords, landing page, and ad texts.

In Google’s eyes, good combinations of keywords, landing, and ad texts are, for example…

It looks redundant but Google only checks that we are using similar/same words to make sure that those 3 are relevant.

Branches out ad groups

CO2 and Carbon Dioxide are the same thing, but not to Google’s eye.
So, if you advertise CO2 detector, if you want at least 2 ad groups.

See the attached file.

Lose weight

You might feel your boss would be very angry if you give “Got milk?” to your boss. Writing more does not make you a hard worker. Wiring more and more and rewriting to less and less makes your a hardworking writer.

5 Steps of creating ads

I will demonstrate how I do that by sharing screen.

1.Simple internet research to understand what people are searching and looking for.

2.Keyword planner to get ideas


3.Categorise Keywords in a Logical manner

Google favours ads that have similar words in target keywords, ad text, and landing page.


4.Write many headers and description using your target KWs and KWs in title of the landing page.

See the attached file.

5.Run campaign and improve

Google automatically prioritise your top performer, so what can you do to improve??


Your business is “Ghostbusters” the old movie. Your target customers are people or business suffering from Slimer (the green one).

Slimers eat your 500 gram of any food raw or cooked and leaves disgusting green slime in your kitchen. Restaurants has to close when Slimer is there.

You also offer slimer reperent to prevent slimer to come in.

Brainstorm what fictional customers would search

Brainstorm and come up with 10 ads.

3 ways to optimise

Add Negative Search

Google ads automatically bids on search terms that are similar your target keywords like.

Sometimes, it targets not so similar keywords, so you need to add them as a negative keywords.

Start with Wide Target + Big Budget

When you need a result quickly, start with big budget and target wide range of keywords. Many searches might be irrelevant, but you can target search terms that you didn’t think of.

Start with Narrow target + Small Budget

When your budget is not so big and the campaign is not urgent, target only the most relevant keywords.

Additional helpful tip to get you creative

Be straight forward about what customers get

Don’t be a Wolf of Wall Street. Be a good person. Think your customer is your friend who needs a help, but he doesn’t even know he needs a help. You have a product that can help him. What do you do?

Help your customers

You have a product that can help your customers’ life easier, reduce their stress, make more money so that they can provide better life to their kids.

But some customers don’t even know

As a marketer, your job is to help your customers understand that you can help them.

What would ESL speaker search?

When a Russian man in the United States want to stop his headache, what would he search?

Test Test And then Test