Settle Catastrophic Injury Claims From The Best Catastrophic Injury Lawyer
While there might be many definitions of catastrophic, an injury that leaves the life of people in New York constitutes a catastrophic injury. In this situation you need extensive surgery, hospitalization, long-term medical treatment, long recovery and rehabilitation. Some of the injuries include

●Chronic pain
●Head injuries
●Loss of sensation like hearing, smell, nerve damage
●Neurological disorder
●Traumatic Brain Injury beside others.

The civil justice system allows accident victims to seek financial compensation for meeting expenses caused by a person’s careless actions or wrongdoing. However, to get compensation or a settlement, you need the help of a catastrophic injury lawyer. The Catastrophic Injury Law firm represents New Yorkers in personal injury and wrongful death litigation for the last many years, dedicating our practice to helping people harmed due to the negligence of others, including government agencies and corporations.

The majority of personal injury cases are settled outside of court as the trials are expensive and always have a certain degree of risk involved in the same, and besides, so many documents and reports are needed for building up a case. Our lawyer will help build the case and prepare patients to recover their share of the compensation amount. We will determine the necessary elements of liability, causation, negligence and damages required for the compensation amount.

At Godosky & Gentile, our lawyers will discuss your case, customize legal solutions and give the answers you deserve. Our dedicated efforts have made us reach results and other outcomes for our clients. With us, you are assured of mental satisfaction and relief. Call us toll-free at 800-538-1768, or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation with a lawyer today.