Sharing experience of hiring a male stripper in Detroit

When was the last time any of you celebrated anything? The entire world has been suffering the wrath of Covid and celebrations seem little to none. Not anyone's fault but there's barely any reason to. I and my best friends had just recently graduated from Michigan State University and to our disappointment, our ceremony was virtual and probably robbed us of one of the most memorable days in anyone's life. Graduating and going out to party till your socks fall off. instead, we were all locked down and just sat along on face time drinking wine and trying to do whatever we could. whatever little celebration we could we did. However, two weeks ago restrictions were lifted, and boy! we were excited to go downtown and just go all out. After a night of inebriation and no drunk driving, we made our way to a friend's outhouse. Randomly came upon the idea of hiring some Male stripper in Detroit and the first result we found contacted, within the next couple of hours 2 male performers in costume came downtown to the outhouse, and even right now while writing this I can remember every last bit. The dance moves to the personalized performance they displayed. hands down an amazing night to say the least. I recommend every one of my friends to give Detroit male strippers a call for a night of beyond amazing repertoire