How Social Media Can Help Market Books

Nearly everyone today agrees there is a role for social media in book marketing. It is a useful way to bring attention to books and authors and is now a part of most marketing plans. The purpose is to reach and engage new and existing followers and to increase people’s interest. The value can be immediate-term as in support of the launch of a new book or longer-term for the development of loyal readers and fans. Ideally, followers share an author’s posts to extend their reach substantially. It’s a low-cost marketing approach that can help sell books and build an author brand – more visibility is helpful in many ways.

Readers like the idea of building genuine relationships with their favorite authors. In the beginning, they may be drawn to your book topic but, over time, will become interested in more. Therefore, there is much related to your book that can be shared online. For example, facts and a bit of information gathered during the book research process. Information about any topic from your book that is in the news today. Your perspective and thoughts (non-political, if possible) about current events that relate to your area of expertise – more for non-fiction authors. Also, post links to related studies and research.

Fiction authors,* on the other hand, can be creative and post details about their novels. For example, facts about the location where the story is set are great, as are how the characters are dressed, recipes for what they ate, etc. The key to success is being creative and engaging. It’s also good form online to be complimentary to others; you can share the names of authors whose work you enjoy and the title of their books. It’s also useful to write out a social media plan in advance so that you don’t forget important dates or overlook an event that could be a good post – for example, a national awareness week about a related topic.

Connecting your various online platforms helps improve the success of book marketing. Therefore, when you write a blog post, share one or two interesting sentenced on social media with a link to the post. It will help increase the readership of your blog. Also, don’t hesitate to share older posts at moments when they are relevant. Consistency is an absolute requirement for the successful use of social media; nothing looks worse than a dormant account. It’s optimal if you check in at least once a day and try to respond to those with whom you’ve built a relationship – in time, you’ll build a large following.