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{"cards":[{"_id":"614cadc2410c0a03aa51f2e7","treeId":"614cadc2410c0a03aa51f2e6","seq":22747472,"position":1,"parentId":null,"content":"**[SOC 2 Type 1 | SOC 2 Type 2 | Compliance Assistant Team](**\n\n![](\n\nWe give safely deal with your information to secure your association and the protection of its customers. Discover how soc2guru can assist you with your SOC 2."},{"_id":"31c2cd36b796031b54000012","treeId":"614cadc2410c0a03aa51f2e6","seq":22767480,"position":4.25,"parentId":"614cadc2410c0a03aa51f2e7","content":"**[What is SOC 2 Compliance and Why is it Important?](**\n\n\n![](\n\nSOC 2 is a review system under a structure of rules that ensures that an association safely deals with its information to secure the interests of its association and the protection of its customers.\n"},{"_id":"310becf923ffe56a94000014","treeId":"614cadc2410c0a03aa51f2e6","seq":22781628,"position":1,"parentId":"31c2cd36b796031b54000012","content":"**[Blog | SOC 2 Help | SOC 2 Policies | Business Continuity](**\n\nRead the latest articles about the SOC 2, GDPR, ISO 27001, PCI and vCISO. ComplianceGiant team has expert resources to manage your compliance roadmap."},{"_id":"31eab4eea240cc424b000011","treeId":"614cadc2410c0a03aa51f2e6","seq":22765828,"position":4.5,"parentId":"614cadc2410c0a03aa51f2e7","content":"**[SOC 2: Auditing for cybersecurity controls](**\n\n![](\n\nWe provide SOC 2 Help by guiding our clients through the full SOC process to ensure a clean report is obtained. Our approach is focused on efficient, transparent, and tailor-made compliance assurance.\n"},{"_id":"32a5016dda752e3546000010","treeId":"614cadc2410c0a03aa51f2e6","seq":22754670,"position":5,"parentId":"614cadc2410c0a03aa51f2e7","content":"**[SOC 2 Guru Package | SOC 2 Expert | Pricing | SOC2Guru](**\n\n![](\n\nOur month to month membership covers the total consistence arrangement required by your association. Get in touch with us to talk about the SOC2 interaction exhaustively.\n"}],"tree":{"_id":"614cadc2410c0a03aa51f2e6","name":"SOC 2 Type 1 | SOC 2 Type 2 | Compliance Assistant Team","publicUrl":"soc2guru"}}