Use these cards to add notes throughout the day
Try and keep the formatting more-or-less nice

Some effectief gebruiken in training

Why did we come to this training?

What are our expectations?

XXX tells me that she’s here because she has to. She hates social media. Takes toi much time, knows ontging About iT. Her Son is really okay with iT, for her iT is dangerous. She doesn’t want to make mistakes anymore. Because that’s her experience with iT now.

Hopeloos in Some, ik zie de mogelijkheden en ook voor de deelnemers … We moeten de switch maken, beter contact maken en langer contact houden met deelnemers!

ZZZ à organise la formation. Convaincue des possibilités de SoMe. Veerle souhaite que les trainers soient convaincus aussi et soient motivés à utiliser au mois une méthode. Baby steps!

Convaincue de SM, Learning wet marketing
Pas encore pris me temps
To do: faire listig des prio’s
Marketing main en main avec Learning objectives

Niet echt iets nieuws te vertellen. Is niet gewoon om er mee te werken. Facebook is gekend, de rest blijft onbekend. Op gemak voelen om de stap te nemen. Overtuigd van het nut (privé en professioneel).

Let’s see what we remember from the conference, or the Prezi you saw for pre-work….

@dan_steer Prezi presentation on
#Social Media for Formal Learning

Why use SoMe for Training? What is the added value?

What issues do you think you will face?

How will you motivate people to use the tools?

#Measuring success on SoMe tools

There are lots of SoMe tools , with lots of functions

What can you do to enhance your own training with SoMe?

Don’t worry too much about specific tools now - think more from a PEDAGOGIC point of view
(although you can mention tools if you like)

#Before training
(add your ideas in individual cards to the right)

Introduce by film

Be yourself

Short and simple

Be prepared

see this reference….

#.Upload to SkyDrive or Google Drive
or any shareable document platform
eg YouTube

You need an account
Upload your video
Make it viewable/shareable (not editable)
Get a link
Share the link, either by email or other media

#Agenda, content, objectives

#Ask participants to introduce themselves

#Share reference materials, pre-reading, video etc

#During training
(add your ideas in individual cards to the right)

#Take pictures of your flipcharts

#Collaborative note-making

#Augment your training materials
Make materials come to life when scanned…
Show videos, pictures etc
Use to remind participants of key points?

#After training
(add your ideas in individual cards to the right)

#Share references per training topic in one place

#Put all films in one place to be seen later

#Measure how many people did some additional things

#Evaluate satisfaction

#Evaluate and share action points

#Using SoMe specific tools
Add your notes on how to get the best out of specific SoMe tools


#Make an Aura
Aura = media attached to trigger image

#Download the app
#Make or choose your media
#Scan the image
#Attach the media
#Make it public
#(Add to channel if you want)

#Share an aura others can see it

#Invite people to download the app + follow you
..then they scan and it all works!

#Gingko App

#Collaborative note making
..on different devices

#Google Drive

#Store and share documents and video


#Create a page of group for your training


Free app
Add your pictures
Add music
Edit timings

Linked in

#Introduction of participants

#Follow-up of training
..actions taken, best practices, questions
#Posting more references…

#Advantages and disadvantages?
Follow-up and measure, per person
…but they need an account + willingness to share

#Free eBook - read it!


#Create a free easy to use “wall” on the internet to share resources, ask questions, evaluate training…

#Create an account?
..if you want to manage walls, edit, move things, this is good…

#Customise your wall
You can add images, backgrounds, text, logo + customise the url


#Share your book references visually
Free tool
Powered by Amazon



#Store and share documents and video


#What do we think?
Rapid sharing of info (max 6 seconds)
Quick and handy publishing of flipcharts
Cool marketing, tweetable…
Share with colleagues…


#Upload your own video

#We need a channel

#Beware of privacy issues

#"Favourite" films you have found

#Create a playlist related to your training course or topic

#See also this mini Vine film from @VeerlePoelmans
Link to come

#Other references

#A to Z of Social Media tools for Academics


#@dan_steer bookshelf

#Books we found in training
see our wall…