Welcome to this example gingko tree.

What can I use Gingko for?

How do I use Gingko?

The basics:

Step 1: Enter or double-click to Edit.

Each card should contain a single thought or topic. Usually no more than a paragraph or two.

Try editing this card!

(Ctrl+Enter again to save.)

Step 2: Arrows to Move

Move around with arrow keys, or by clicking the card you want to focus on.

Protip: you can also use hjkl.

Step 3: Ctrl + to Delete

Try deleting the card to the right.

Step 4: Drag & Drop to rearrange

Need more help?

Click the icon at the top right.

You can access resources, examples, templates and get more help at the FAQ.

To start a New Tree, click on the menu at top left:

Or you could just delete the root of this tree to clear it.

(You can always find this info, and more, on the help menu at top right.)