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Are you looking for the best Acme thread taps? If yes, then stay your searches here. Gauges tools are an advance manufacturer Acme thread taps. These thread taps are mainly used in mass production. These are usually sharp, we can also put a layer on it as per clients requirement. For more specifications visit our website!

Gaugestools are a Foremost Supplier of BSP Thread gauges in china. BSP Thread Gauges is also recognized as British gages. We always offer a complete line of British parallel pipe threads gauges per ISO228 each gauge 100% calibrated with quality support, the price is low with high accuracy. Visit our website to know more details!

We can provide general-purpose ACME ,Centralizing ACME, Stub Acme Thread Gage, ring & plug guages, GO NOGO. We have many Standard ACME thread gages in stock, 100% calibrated with quality assurance. the price is low with top quality!if the space is limited, then Stub Acme Thread Gage can be used.