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Modern Jewish History

Sephardim and Ashkenazim

Boors where force and war foccused

Also got along with the jews fairly well

Moores where more tolerent and intilectual, and not religious

Allowed the Jews to build a big synagogue, etc. And didn’t interfere much

Rosh Hashana

Why Rosh Hashana?

  • why not shana chadash
  • why not tchilat ha shanah
  • why head? why rosh?

Idea (not something he said, more of a note to self): why is it called Rosh Hodesh then? wouldn’t it be for the same reason

Why do we use a Ram Horn?

Because of the Isaac sacrafise story?
Ok, but still why do we choose this horn as what we blow on Rosh Hashana?
Beacuase of the Shofar/Satan story?
Ok, but why does a shofar in general need to be a ram horn. Why??(plus the story is flawed anyways)

What is the flaw with the Shofar/Satan story

Story: When Masiah comes, he blows a shofar and satan dies. So the reason we blow a shofar is because we “scare” the satan so he doesn’t prosecute us

So now the question is: How does “satan” not realize that this isn’t Masiah blowing the shofar? Doesn’t he see? Doesn’t he notice that it get’s blown every year at the same time?

What are the 3 books that G-d has open on Rosh Hashana?

Santa Claus’s naugty, nice, and average lists:

  1. Book of Rasha
  2. Benoni
  3. Tzadik