What Elements You Should Look For While Buying A Trendy Motorcycle Leather Jacket?

Undoubtedly, a leather jacket is an expensive piece of clothing. But you can pair it with almost everything you like to wear. A plain classic leather jacket can let you have both formal as well as a casual look. Just pair it correctly with the right outfit for the occasion, and you are ready to spread your charm! Apart from adding attitude and positivity to your overall personality, people choose them for their durability, versatility, and protection. Bikers, geeks, engineers, students, and almost everyone prefers to have at least one leather jacket in their wardrobe.

If you have similar plans and are looking for a perfect piece of Motorcycle Leather Jacket or Goatskin leather jacket, you must look for certain elements before finalizing your purchase. First, find out the individual styles and traditional cuts available in leather jackets. Also, it is worth knowing the bits and pieces and understanding why & how a slight change in collar height and pocket angles can make a difference. Different leather jacket styles are meant for various occasions, such as a sleek business jacket that has different elements than a rugged working man’s leather coat. So, let’s discuss those differentiating elements and find out how they make a difference!

Length Of A Leather Jacket: The first thing you need to consider while buying a leather jacket is its length from top to bottom. If you have to work outside most of the time, it is practical to choose a long leather coat, also known as a trench coat. It is a weatherproof garment. The most commonly available leather jackets, such as motorcycle leather jackets, are just jackets rather than coats. Their bottom hem extends up to the waist. The higher and snugger hem is, the more stylish it is. Leather jackets with the loose hem falling past the belt at the hips look more rugged and outdoorsy.
Shape & Size of Collar: The shape and size of the collar also contribute to the fashion statement. Short and tight collars that don’t turn down – this leather jacket style is preferred by the bikers. Such a collar style gives them sleek and streamlined looks. On the other hand, short collar jackets that can be either turned up or down to the chin are a casual streetwear style. Finally, full turn-down collars are present in trench coats, rancher’s jackets, and other long leather jackets and coats. Such collars are the defining characteristic of bomber jackets. They have a short length as they have a rich aviation connection and are also meant for practical weatherproofing garments.

Number of Pockets: More pockets mean more casual the jacket, and more details on the pockets mean more casual it is. This shows that the sharpest-looking leather jackets have smoother fronts. Most fashionable leather jackets opt for jetted pockets that comprise a small slit in the leather without a flap or a button. These pockets can be vertical or horizontal. More casual jackets add flaps with completely rotated pockets with horizontal openings. Formal ones will have pockets sewn onto the interior, while the causal motorcycle leather jackets will have larger patch-style pockets sewn on the exterior such that the back of the pocket is the front of the jacket.

Buttons & Zippers: Zippers give your jacket a sleeker look while buttons look chunkier. Zips are easy to open and close, while buttons are easier to repair or replace. There are several contradicting thoughts on the same. You may find leather jackets in both zipper and buttoned styles, but buttons are mainly seen in long coats and jackets. In short, below belt style leather jackets have zip in them.

Others: A few leather jackets are available with lapels. You may find options in jacket colors as well. Though black and brown are two standard colors, you may find other colors as well. The material of the leather jacket may vary. You may find goatskin and sheepskin leather jackets.

Now when you know all available choices in leather jackets and how they vary in casual and formal looks, this information will make it easy for you to buy the most suitable leather jacket based on preferred looks.