Stone Worktop Showroom - Stone Tops Direct provides services to commercial & residential services in Hemel Hempstead, Herts UK. We not only utilize the latest in stone working technology to cut and polish stones, but we also have a very professional, experienced, and fully certified team. We have the best designers with years of experience in design, fabrication, and knowledge of granite, quartz, dekton, and granite. Visit our website for more details.

When your worktop is stone or other stone-like materials, consider the tough and hard material for lifelong durability. Stone Tops Direct has curated the best stone worktops in the UK for you. Visit us and check out what else we have got for our shoppers.

Granite worktops have always been considered the ideal choice for kitchen countertops, and this natural material has never gone out of style. Granite’s exceptional sturdiness makes it both useful and attractive. Buy Granite worktops at Stone Tops Direct now!

One of the main reasons people buy stone worktops in the UK from our Stone Worktop Showroom is their durability. If you are looking for a crack-resistant, scratch-resistant material that does not chip away very quickly, you can go for worktops available on our website in the UK.

We are a specialized Stone Worktop Showroom in produces a wide collection of worktops. Some of the top examples are quartz worktops, granite worktops, ceramic worktops, and Dekton worktops. Each of our products is of premium quality to add a perfect finishing touch to the home or office décor. Visit us today for more products.

Dekton is a long-term product, which has many unique properties like scratch resistance, and heat resistance. Therefore, it is the most preferable product for kitchen worktops. We, at Stone Tops Direct, deal with the ultimate range of kitchen Dekton worktop stones at an affordable cost.

In our range of ceramic worktops UK, you’ll find an amazing selection of different colors and styles. From traditional shades of stone to streaks of marble-like hue, if you’ve got a picture in mind for your kitchen worktop, you’ll find a product here to make it a reality. Each brand offers its own spectrum of styles, so make sure you browse through them all to locate the right pattern and color for your space.

Are you attempting to modify the kitchen worktop with a minimalist, traditional, modern, or contemporary design scheme? The good news is that Dekton worktops, regardless of design, are a practical and stylish option, and you can choose from a variety of colors to ensure that it blends in smoothly with your selected appearance. Order free samples Now!