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Cladding Companies Auckland

Taylor Superclad in Auckland provide Weatherboard Installation, leaky home inspection, Cladding & more home services. Taylor Superclad also believe product selection and correct installation systems are key. We only work with products and installation systems that we trust 100%. The Taylor Superclad team is responsible for many cladding and recladding work across Auckland. View some of our handy work is in these projects below.

You can see images of our products. We are very proud to present them in front of you as we are completely confident on designs we have for Porcelain Kitchens and many more. Just let us know your requirement and we help you in selecting best one which suits your demands well. Why should you get restricted to lesser options when we have large collection of products with us? Your kitchens become very attractive through our help and we make sure that each and every part of your kitchen shines with attractive radiance. Serving you with best options is what we target and execute the same with immense care and dedication. Collections are not restricted to one particular colour, texture or design but many from cladding Companies Auckland.

The best part is that whether you are having a low budget or higher one our products are suitable for everyone. So if are thinking about refurbishing your home then contact us for the best quotes and to check out the amazing range of wall cladding products. Typical weatherboards were made from hardwood or timber that could be painted with the colors available at the time. You will still be able to see old villas which have the original weatherboard specialists Auckland of the era gone by and the sheer majestic beauty is irreplaceable. However, the major disadvantage of the timber weatherboards is that they require continuous maintenance in the form of repainting, resealing etc to give them their best look.

This changed when polyvinyl chloride was introduced as a cladding material. In the last five decades, the popularity of PVC cladding has grown in leaps and bounds mainly due its proven track record of versatility, durability and maintenance ease. The constitution of PVC starts with two commonly found base materials - ethylene from natural gas and chlorine from common salt. Vinyl claddings are created such that they mimic weatherboards and the best part is that it does not require the maintenance of timber weatherboards.

Auckland Cladding Installer

Taylor Superclad is best Auckland cladding installer and knows that his is the reason we have succeeded in producing trend setting products which can redefine the definition of interior designing. We have exorbitant range of creative wall cladding materials which are different from each other in color combination and design and can give you limitless opportunity to design your interiors.
There are several reasons that made us eminent and indispensable in wall cladding industry. But among which worth mentioning and can benefit you are with Auckland cladding installer. We have a vast array of products which are different from each other in terms of design and you can create wonders with them. Coupled with the variety in design we also have a comprehensive range of color combinations in our products.

With many experience in cladding and an impeccable reputation in the industry, Taylor Superclad specialise all building cladding requirements & provide best Auckland Cladding Installer. Whether you’re a homeowner seeking to upgrade and transform the look of your home, or remedy your Leaky Home problem, or you just want a maintenance free exterior, Taylor Superclad have a solution as cladding specialists. For more information on the types of services we can provide please contact us today!

Gone are the days when there was a constant need for weatherboard installation Auckland with touch-ups, fresh coat of paint, etc remember my dad spending many a weekend trying to resurrect our fading walls to their original glory. It is no longer the case; now the weatherboards are pre-fabricated, sturdy and very durable. But still many people are of the view that weatherboards need a lot of maintenance by way of painting and repairs. The boards these days are termite and fire resistant and do not shrink or swell like wood. Just a good old coat of paint would make it look as good as new. One should check thoroughly that the quality of the weatherboard installation Auckland materials is good.

Auckland Cladding

The cladding is a durable, weather tight system that combines the look of traditional timber weatherboards with low maintenance. Choose Auckland Cladding in the area of homemaking, you can accomplish the effects when you are offering your house. Taylor Superclad provide quality workmanship and a very high level of service. Call us today for free no-obligation estimate 092714863.

Taylor Superclad is a multi-generational family business founded in 1988, initially to market and install PVC weatherboards. Over the years our scope has expanded to include a full range of timber, cedar and fibre cement cladding products, as well as Palliside PVC products. Since our inception, we have provided cladding supply and installation services for more than 6,000 new homes in the Auckland region. When it comes to timber, fibre cement and PVC cladding, there is nothing we haven’t seen or done; rarely do we encounter a problem that we don’t have an immediate solution for.

Taylor Superclad knows that fire was to break out then it would destroy both kinds of houses. Weatherboard houses are much cheaper than brick houses; they are also sound proof to a great extent which are now much more lightweight. There is a lot of variation in the construction design as well. Brick houses have a flat foundation while Auckland weatherboard homes are built on sturdy pillars. See that the roof has an insulation blanket and filling all the cracks in the boards would assure you of good padding. Many even go for a blend of the two; bricks for walls or cladding for roofs. Fixing damages to brick walls is going to be much more costly than replacing any worn out boards. In areas where there is too much rainfall and ground movement, brink houses are more likely to be damaged.

The cost of laying a brick house is much more expensive when compared to a Auckland weatherboard house. Brick houses do give a feel of solid, secure homes but boards are extremely safe too. Brick walls need a skilled labor to lay them but boards are much easier to install and some come with manuals. If you are looking for a brick look for your home and want something much more affordable, then go for a brick veneer which sits well on weatherboards. A home is made up of four walls and apart from the fact that it holds up the roof and provides you with privacy it is also a reflection of your personal taste. More importantly it should have the appropriate defense mechanism to tackle the climate. An option that people often exercise is to clad their walls to achieve both aesthetic beauty and protection from inclement weather. Exterior wall cladding is thus an important aspect while building a new home. In the early days of cladding, the most popular form used to be weatherboard cladding.

Cladding Specialists Auckland

The Taylor Superclad Cladding Specialists in Auckland are all trained to complete the cladding projects to high expectations in terms of quality, integrity and diligence. We pride ourselves as being the most experienced Cladding Companies in Auckland. We have developed exceptional installation systems, ensuring efficiency without compromising quality and we pride ourselves on our outstanding track record.

This helps us in bending over backwards for providing better Auckland weatherboard services each time. The same amazes our customers and attracts them to us repeatedly. They are sure to receive the best each time. Having a beautiful house is a dream that most of us nurture in our mind, but very few get a chance to fulfill it. Sometimes the cost of acquiring and sometimes lack of knowledge can be the reason for the same. But think once that if you can have a great house which is aesthetically designed and don’t burn a hole in your pocket how that will be? Yes it’s true now, with the help of our cladding specialists Auckland team and our award winning wall cladding products you too can now decorate your walls beautifully that can become a thing of your neighbors envy.


Taylor Superclad is one of New Zealand’s leading Cladding Installers Auckland specialists, particularly when it comes to weatherboards, but we believe we’re only as good as our last job. Working on up to 10 projects a day, we’ve put 30+ years into making sure cladding is the easiest aspect of residential construction.

Taylor Superclad is the go to cladding company for Auckland’s top group building companies

Taylor Superclad is one of New Zealand’s leading cladding specialists, particularly when it comes to weatherboards, but we believe we’re only as good as our last job. Working on up to 10 projects a day, we’ve put 30+ years into making sure cladding is the easiest aspect of residential construction. When you choose us as your cladding partner for cedar, Palliside, our streamlined processes and quality control ensure satisfaction every time.