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The Project & The Goals


We are launching because there are a particularly large amount of small businesses who do not have the following:

-Responsive Design
-CMS Managment
-Blog Updates
-Social Media Integration
-Current/ Updating Content
-Proper pager speeeds for a modern site
-Seo for current Google Algorythm*

*Officially Google acknowledges Penguin 4.0

[there are ‘rumors’ the newest Algorithm - Google “Fred” - has been rolling out since June 25th 2017]

The Reason this seems like a ripe target to me is for several reasons.

- Business awarness has matured 
- Many small business had their sites     built before Responsive Desiogn was a standard practice (30% of all web use is mobil) 


We should always encourage our clients to have a CMS

We need to encourage page loading times roll already for search engines and push this as an emphasis

Maintance Subscription is one of our big products which we should do insist the coinsider signing ln for a maintance plan with us

Should they not take a subscription as a matter Best Practice We will stress that sincew website technology changes so fast business owners who dont want or cant afford a monthly subscripotion should at the very least make sure to get a site refresh at least once a year so that further redesigns become less necesssay

Finally we also will strongly encourage all clients to strenbgthen their digital marketing. For those who have never inbternet marketed before stress how great that is because that means there’s a whole untapped market still out there.

  • we need to be provide all necessary information for what SEO/PPC can do for a business


Gregg, I feel like you may be able to definer these more realistically or perhaps me, you, and Mac could determien The Following fields together:

Number of visits/visitors/unique visitors (monthly average)

Bounce rate (monthly average)

Time on site (monthly average)

Top Performing Keywords (in terms of rank, traffic, and lead generation)

Number of inbound linking domains

Total number of new leads/ form submissions (per month)

Total number os sales generated (per month)

Total number of total pages indexed

Total number of pages that receive traffic

If we could get 2 clients for full redesign in our first month I would be verfry happy.

Target Groups

We will espouse that this new site will not just be designed with the gut but will use actual science based on real data:

  • customer complaints
  • high bounce rates
  • low rates from mobile views
  • high bounce rates

We will reinterpert the site point by point to project the desired online presence -

Everything will focus on succesful customer happiness/ ease of use

So, this is an area where honestly I could borrow help from Mac or Tony for a day and really do this the right way.

These are a list of well-established tools and best practices to approach Target Markets, empower us in the most scientific methods available in 2017

Stakeholder Analysis
Stakeholder Kickoff Workshop
Focus Groups
Stakeholder Interviews
Content Audit
Service Audit
Card Sorting
Competitor Audit
Benchmark Analysis
Product Anylsis
Risk/Reward User Conductin Product Categories

These are things which we should be contiously collecting information on, better perfect the date we have to work with. On-running as this process will be, here is an area where Marketing Interns will come in very useful and also get a lot out of themselves

Buyer Personas

Hubspot has a great tool for generating buyer personasd.

This also is an area where I could use either Mac or Tony for some period of time.

I feel the value of having immediate bounce back of ideas is higher than anything i could manage on my own./

These will be done in office at the very least even when the only staff allocated for it are me because at least having access to the office of minds will bve very helpful.

Project Context

Project Background

This site serves the puropse of providing a narrow focusing of our skills (ie the redesign process can better focused on doing only a few things - while compoaratively most design houses tend to offer up amazing of amouns of information, they assualt the users with the idea that the user can reseach all this imnformationm - however we dont feel it is our clientsnjobn toi unserstand
compsred to mo, but doing them well redesign better

Brand Information - We neeed an overall Web Services Business, I was thianking about using Dustbunny Creative just becajuse it works, I already have the site, the term ‘creative’ applies to all aspects, and ive had super good experiencewith people remembering the name, even tol the poi ntmy very first or second interveiew when i moved back from Texas in 2011 I ended up reinterviewing this year and didn’t remembe. The intervikewer did though… he said, ‘oh yea I remember DustbunnyCreative’ - if anyone has a betteror alternateidea i’m super open to it. What I was think wa s that in the footer we could pout a line about “dustbunny in partnership with new revolution” - I think sounds classy. other wise we wont mention it on the site except for perhaos linking from redesignme to local seo etc

Overall I want redesignme to have a light tone, bordering slightly (not more than slightly) playful tone. The color scheme I have decided to possibly veer feminine. I think a light femininity to a redesign site is just right. I want to make sure we dont come off at all aggressive because sometimes something like redesiging something can be painful and a sensitive matter for those who are saying goodbye to their old sites

In anticipation of us launching into web services I began a design blog. I will be blogging about all things redesign me. In the past I have had very good responses to my blogs. I will ber drafting up a blog list shortly

COMPETITORS - wow. just wow. that all i’m going to say. But they are based in Malden are the first non-government link that comes up in a search ‘Malden Website Redesign” ‘ - a very nice site with an ultra retro design look that is both engaging and well doner. The site is very simple and very nice UX. These are one of the guys whcih I will be returning to for deeper analyations.

For each of of the serfvies Each of their three services are klisted on the services oage and have 1-3 paragraphs and some very nice documentaiton style images/ icons

Schedule and Budget - certainly ive been slowed down by having to either find funding for (ie - beg someone in my family - to purchase till the redesign me is off the ground) That said, I feel fairly confident in all my tools. I have not yet tried the wordpress temoplate because i want to stay on task and in order.,

I am super desperate for a good and solid CMS I was thinking Wrike becauseof the reviews, Any ideas?

Ideally I’d like for this to be fully off the ground by the 1st at the latest. I will shoot for next friday tough.

Also i need to if possibly borrow Mac, possibly you for any time while doing several off the buyer persona tasks. I don’t doing them but inherently know we want these things strong and that is how they will become strong — also, very cool, hubspot has a whole little app for develign these within the CMS

OTHER PARTIES INVOLVED - THe project stake holders are Gregg, Mac, Tony, and myself.

Gregg if I could get a list of whatever companies we host with (is it flywheel?) ( would our clinets benefit also from being on fly wheel? - and if so we shouldtalk to them about a partnership or reseller license.

Most initial decision will be made by me since ill be the first one in the trenches on this. Over all though I feel strongly we all need to agree overall.

If the moment arises where there needs just be a fast, important call it should defer to Gregg since is clearly a wizard

SUCCESSFUL SOLUTIONS - simplicty is key. Not over crouding of informatin. Although I think we should have a downloaded white paper with all our prices, policies etc where our whole proocess is laid out should a client or perspective ever find the need/ curiosty to have all information available without having to ever shove it in their face, SO perhaps a white paper in the footer? Solid UX and GUI. Repetition of patterns.,

Project Requirements

CONSTRAINTS - Our biggest limiter is our funds and surving until we get a client. Also doing this whole process is something which i am only just returning to so my inital speed woill improve. Also I have already done the incredibly annoying research into quite a many apps that are now being employed. Currently Im using an app call ‘my ginko trees’ which has been Amazing for laying out things like a project brief in the most visual format possible.

PRIORITIES - modern look
-responsive design
-fast page loads

  • proper on page SEO
  • a 5-7 blog plan (at least in check mark form)
  • solid and updated content
  • good UX AND GUI
  • If polssible we should always keep our eyes out for potential mid-long terms things we could off the client which actujally really would boost the site or at very least the funnel

CONTENT there an absolute wealth of content, apps and services out there. A will be putting together a further list of apps and services

The Deliverables

Site redesign

  • style sheet review/ upgrade
  • clean icons
  • analytics reports
  • a fuill site audit from the old site and the new one
  • a full boar of social media servies (hopefully us runnign them onsubscriptionm


Are there any potential teams/ services that will be wiorking with us regurlarly? As of now I couldn think of any but these wildevelop soon enougkj