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Capital structure Advisory Services

The Catalyst Group is a leading investment bank that provides capital structure advisory services, corporate finance and mergers & acquisitions advisory, as well as other corporate finance services. The company’s sophisticated tools and proprietary knowledge of the financial markets make it possible for clients to take advantage of opportunities in a wide range of industries - from cleantech to healthcare technology.

The Catalyst Group is a private equity firm focused on investing in high-growth equity firms companies. The company seeks to provide capital and support for growth, while leveraging the experience of its management team to help accelerate the success of portfolio companies. The Catalyst Group will also target investments in sectors that are strategic or complimentary to our core focus areas including: technology, digital media, healthcare IT/healthcare services, consumer products and services.

Growth capital Firms

The Catalyst Group is a private equity firm that invests in growth capital-oriented companies with sustainable, profitable business models. We partner with management to provide the time and resources necessary for our portfolio companies to achieve their full potential. We are committed to building lasting relationships that deliver value on both sides of the investment equation. Our team has decades of experience in growing successful companies through investing, advisory services, mergers & acquisitions, and other initiatives.

The Catalyst Group is a private equity firm that specializes in acquiring and managing companies. The company has been operating since many years, making it one of the oldest private equity firms in Houston. They specialize in businesses that are under-performing or have potential for growth with their hands-on management approach. Their experience allows them to identify opportunities quickly and make investments at opportune times.