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Introductory Story

My connection to the communist party in Russia is the fact that all good historians know that history repeats itself, and seeing as what’s going on in Crimea and Russia. I as well as many other people, are worried that another Cold War could happen or might already be happening. To know something you must first learn about it’s background and history. If the USSR ever comes back, How would we deal with it? Recently we just let Russia annex Crimea with out doing anything. If our leaders cannot take action Russia could do what ever they wanted. So the following report will be on communism’s history in Russia so that maybe you can come to your own conclusion on Russia’s future actions.

What is communism

Communism is an ideology in which there are no classes and no privet property. With no classes there is no such thing as being rich and with no privet property you cannot own land or a house, because the government owns it. The government has complete control of the country and every thing is “Fair”. Fair in a communist society means that no matter what job you do you get the same amount of money and the same amount of rations thus getting rid of class.

In Russia from 1918 to 1991 communism ruled the state. The first soviet leader Vladimir Lenin had many anti-communists hunted down, imprisoned, or even killed because they did not fit the description of the perfect citizen. The Communists of Russia were against capitalism which is the right to free enterprise because in a communism the government has control of everything. The USSR went against everything Americans and other democracies new because many democracies are capitalist and encourage free trade and privet property. This difference between the two nations would cause many future problems like, the Korean war, the Vietnam war, the cold war, and the Cuban missile crisis.

How communism started

A German man named Karl Marx wrote a book called The Manifesto of the Communist Party which basically invented the ideology of communism. Karl wrote all about the classlessness, the outlawing of privet property, and the command economy. Marx didn’t know at the time but he would inspire many nations with his new book. More specifically he would inspire a man to revolt and change, not only a nation, but the entire world.

Vladimir Lenin was born in Russia in 1870. He had an atypical Russian life because his family was educated and he himself had a brilliantly open mind. Vlad was a troublemaker from the start, he was expelled from collage for “radical policies” and was later exiled to Siberia. Lenin was defiantly inspired by the works of Karl Marx and he wanted change in his nation. Just after WWI ended in 1918 Vlad lead a revolution to over throw the Czar of Russia. The revolution was called The Bolshevik Revolution and Vlad lead it to it’s victory. When the revolution was done Vladimir became the first leader of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or as they called it, Союз Советских Социалистических Республик. He changed the nation of Russia and in turn changed the world.

Communist Leaders

There have been many Communist states around the world and there are still some today. One Leader who was greatly influenced by the USSR was Chairman Mao Zedong who was the leader of the peoples republic of china. Mao was convinced to join the eastern bloc of communism by Russia, so to this day China is still communist. Another leader was Fidel Castro who was the leader of Cuba. Fidel lead the revolution in Cuba to invoke communism into the government. Fidel brought Communism to Cuba where it is still today. Fidel is still alive, but the leader of Cuba currently is Raul Castro Fidel’s brother.

In the USSR, there have been only seven communist leaders because they rule until they die much like a king or a queen. the seven leaders are, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Nikita Khrushchev, Leonid Brezhnev, Yuri Andropov, Konstantin Chernenko, and Mikhail Gorbachev. Vladimir Lenin started the USSR and Mikhail Gorbachev ended it due to democratic pressure. The only surviving leader of the soviet union is Mikhail Gorbachev and he is 83 years old! Today Russia is known as The United Federation of Russia and is lead by Vladimir Putin who is in the political party of United Russia.

Why communism is looked down upon

During the cold war the USSR and the USA were the two great superpowers in the world. They raced and competed to make other nations join their side. Their sides were called the Eastern Bloc (USSR) and the Western Bloc (USA). The world knew that which ever ideology, Democracy or Communism, survived would be dominant over the other. As we know the Cold war was won by the Western Bloc when Gorbachev got rid of communism in Russia and made it a democracy. All over the Western Bloc communism was hated and many communists in the Western Bloc were deported or imprisoned.

Today there are few communist nations. Some of the major ones are China and Cuba. Cuba is embargoed by the USA which means we cannot trade with them. This fact however is looked over by smugglers who illegally sell Cuban Cigars and other goods. China on the other hand is one of our largest trade partners. Why? because labor is cheap there and there are less labor restrictions. It is because of this reason that many Americans think communism is evil. Many people believe that communist nations like China don’t care about the common man, like democracies, but they care about the well being of the country as a whole.


In conclusion, The United Federation of Russia is showing that is not afraid of the USA by annexing Crimea. It is showing that it does not need democracy to run itself. If our leadership in Washington does not take action, the USSR might come back. As I look at my map of the world on my wall, I wonder when I have to change the color of Russia from blue to red.


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