The two meter hair respectively connected potentiometer center head and two fixed end in either end, slowly turn the potentiometer handle, make its from an extreme position rotation to another extreme position, normal potentiometer, the resistance value indicated by multimer needle should be nominal resistance value (or 0Ω) continuous change to 0 (or nominal resistance value). The whole process of rotation, the hand should be smooth change, and there should be no pulsating phenomenon. If in the process of adjusting the resistance value, the meter hand pulsating phenomenon, it shows that the potentiometer has bad contact fault. The detection method of straight slide potentiometer is the same as this. With switch potentiometer detection, for the potentiometer with switch, in addition to the above method should be detected potentiometer nominal resistance and contact, but also should detect the switch is normal.

2.2K WTH118-2W 2K2 Carbon Film WTH118-2W 1K 4 PIN WTH118-2W 470R Ohm WTH118-2W 680R 1A Rotary Potentiometer wth118 Linear Taper