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The electric parameter of reasonable choice potentiometer, after the type that has chosen potentiometer according to the requirement of equipment and circuit and specification, the electric parameter that chooses potentiometer reasonably according to the requirement of circuit even, include rated power, nominal resistance value, allow deviation, resolution, highest working voltage, move noise to wait. Choose potentiometer according to the law of resistance value change, the voltage adjustment in all kinds of power supply circuit, the working point of amplifying circuit adjustment, deputy brightness adjustment and line, field scan signal adjustment use potentiometer, all should use straight-line potentiometer.

WTH118-2W 330K Variable Resistor WTH118-2W 220K Rotary Linear Taper WTH118-2W 150K 4 PIN WTH118-2W 100K Ohm WTH118-2W 68K 1A